Who is Israel's Most Powerful Enemy? The West
Who is Israel's Most Powerful Enemy? The West

According to the definition given by a kibbutznik turned billionaire, Israel is “a villa in the jungle”.

Israel is an oasis surrounded by barbarians, beheaders, suicide bombers, mothers happy to send their own children to kill Jews - Islamic Jihad, Hamas, Salafists, Hezbollah, Islamic State, Iranian revolutionary guards... The list of the jihadist scum is long.

But Israel’s most powerful enemy is the West itself.

Israel is an oasis surrounded by barbarians, beheaders, suicide bombers, mothers happy to send their own children to kill Jews ...
Israel’s wars to defend itself are always the chance to see an incredible eruption of hatred in the Western democracies and their élite. 

Think about what has happened in the last few days.

A London theatre, Trycicle, boycotted the Jewish Festival because the festival got 1,000 pounds from the Israeli embassy.

Spain's government announced it will impose a weapons’ embargo on Israel.

The self-hating Jew George Soros freed his fund from its Israeli assets.

Most of Hollywood’s stars, with the noble but solitary exception of Jon Voight, tweeted anti-Semitism.

In the UK, commercial chains such as John Lewis and Tesco, boycotted Israeli goods.

The Nobel Prize-winning Amnesty International, which once bravely fought for Andrei Sakharov, Boris Pasternak’s wife and Natan Sharansky, asked the US to stop sending fuel for Israeli tanks.

Spain’s most revered writer, Antonio Gala, cited the war between Israel and Hamas as retroactive justification for the expulsion of Jews from Spain in the 15th century. He wrote it in El Mundo, Spain’s second largest newspaper and the first Spanish website in the world.

Gala’s column is titled “Los Elegidos”. It means “the chosen”. The target is the Jews as a whole.

The former director of Unesco, the UN’s cultural agency, Federico Mayor Zaragoza, joined the boycott of the Israeli Jews.

Lawrence Weschler, for twenty years a writer for The New Yorker weekly magazine, compared Gaza to Dachau and Theresienstadt.

And the list of this Western scum is long.

There was a time when even Pablo Picasso signed appeals in favour of the State of Israel. Now his “Guernica”, about the atrocities of Franco's government, is compared to Gaza.

And the world can hardly wait to see the Israelis at the dock of the Hague tribunal. Moshe Yaalon like Hermann Göring?

Meanwhile, Jews are secure no more in today's Europe. In the last few weeks, in Paris and Berlin, we saw images reminiscient of the Kristallnacht.

A few days ago, Luciana Castellina, one of Italy’s most famous leftist journalists and writers, penned a front page column in which she attacked the pro- Israel rally I organized in Rome. She also regretted, sadly, that there are not enough anti-Jewish manifestations in Europe.

Muslims can kill Jewish students and bomb their homes. They can inflict pain in the wonderful society in Israel. But they can’t destroy the Jewish State. At least for the moment. At least as long as  Iran is unable to produce an atomic bomb.

By undermining Israel’s raison d’etre, the Western threat to Israeli existence has become existential, not merely tactic.

The West is making the world “Judenmüde”. Tired of Jews. The West is working so that people around the world will react to Israel’s destruction with a yawn. It is making them happy to turn the page.