World Opinion Does Not Matter
World Opinion Does Not Matter

As a result of this most recent "spat" between Israel and the Palestinian Arabs, many right-minded Jews will become even more supportive of Israel than ever before.

No one can claim any longer that the conflict in this region is about so-called “occupied territories”, or Israel’s supposed right-wing government. 

Hamas – the elected government of the Palestinian Arab people – tried to shoot down civilian aircraft at Ben-Gurion Airport. 

They are shooting missiles at the entire State of Israel – every single city.  

This is – and has always been about – the existence of the Jewish State.

Despite it, the whole world pressures Israel. 

How can one not stand by our people? How can one not stand by the Jewish nation?

Polls show that 87% of Israeli Jews say that will not support a cease-fire at this time.  And this in a nation where disagreeing is part of the national culture.  Indeed, as America should not accept a cease-fire with Al-Qaeda, Israel can not allow a terrorist organization to decide when Israeli children can play in the park, or when Israelis will see weapons fired at their homes.

Civilized nations stop wanton terrorists.

Let the whole world complain if they wish. It must not matter.  If Israel asked the world’s opinion, there would be no Jewish state.  Israel is not in a popularity contest – and if they were, they would lose – as Jews have been victimized throughout the course of history. 

Hamas wants to destroy the Jewish state. 

This narrative is rather simple: we are the good guys, and they aren’t. Israel does not need permission to survive.