Lieut. Hadar Goldin Abducted This Morning in Gaza.
Lieut. Hadar Goldin Abducted This Morning in Gaza.

A suicide  bomber appeared  from a tunnel and in the ensuing melee, Hadar was seen dragged  down into the abyss and two soldiers killed. His comrades  desperately followed him down into the tunnel but came up only  with a part of his shirt. The tunnel led to a mosque. No surprise there.

This occurred while a White House-imposed 72 hour "cease fire" was in effect; the sixth "humanitarian" truce broken by Hamas. The IDF reacted with the Hannibal Directive.

When I  woke  up this morning hearing that  the truce was agreed to, it severely dampened my mood. Here we go again. We were going to  tolerate the terror den on our door step - until the  next round. I felt pain for the  families who might feel their loved ones died in vain, as some of the parents whose sons fell in the  first two"rounds" since we fled from terror in the disastrous 2005 "Disengagement" from Gaza have said.. 

Gaza has always been home to barbaric peoples.
The media  was already pontificating about  what kind of an agreement we would have  with Hamas to ensure "as much quiet as possible for as  long as possible".

Events occur so quickly and so unexpectedly here that one just senses that we can not really be in control. And so, once again God hardened the hearts of our enemies and they did  the one thing that could  possibly bring the Jews of Israel back to their senses - they abducted a soldier. 

It never ceases to amaze me how so very different we really are from them. For us, the torment of one Jewish boy and his family makes us all stop in our tracks and feel our hearts skip a beat. They  know it, and relish the  thought.

Gaza has always been home to barbaric peoples. King Saul fell on his sword so as to avoid falling into the hands of the Philistines, the sea-people who lived in Gaza during his reign and David's elegy for him keened - "Do not tell it in the daughters of the Philistines will not rejoice..".  Samson was blinded in Gaza.

We  captured scores of theirs. They don't seem to be too concerned. We are not shooting off fire works to gloat over a prisoner. 

 I expect that  tonight I will hear lots of fireworks from my Arab neighbors as  they celebrate this "great" accomplishment and glory in their hate lust. 
These will be the same  Arabs in line, on Sunday morning, to collect their welfare allotment from the Israeli taxpayer and happily stroll with their families in the  heart of Jewish Jerusalem. I expect they  will be savoring the wonderful Ramadan gift given them today.

This afternoon, as every Friday, the "Women in Black" staged their protest "against the occupation" at Jerusalem's Paris Square.

I once tried to actually discuss the issues with one of them .

How shall I describe that experience.  I can't.  They are the home crowd rooting for the opposing team or, just maybe, the  most  foolish useful idiots  in history. I do not think there is anything our enemies can do to change their mindset. Fascinating.

Speaking of useful idiots, Shimon  Peres, the high priest of national  delusion, had another brilliant piece of advice, "Call it quits in Gaza and give it  over to reliable Abbas. The  war has  run its course". 

When he popularized hand  shaking with our enemies, so as to get the Nobel Prize for Peace, he caused Israelis  to lose all direction, except the one, that if followed, led out  of their country. But that is fine with Peres. He  sees Israel as another Singapore, just too far away to be part of his "New Middle East".. How big is Singapore any way?

Maybe  just maybe, the abduction of Lieutenant Hadar Goldin, engaged to be married in six weeks, please G-d,  will bring us back to ourselves. Maybe this  time.

May God help him and us.