War-Induced Insanity
War-Induced Insanity

It has never happened in the history of wars, other than the ones fought by the Israeli Jews in defense of their homeland and their lives. The conduct of Hamas and certain media outlets is overwhelmingly insane. It is a unique phenomenon.

The list below is by no means complete. Readers are free to complement it with their own observations.

Insanity 1: The Iron Dome missile defense system—developed and deployed by Israel to protect its citizens from Hamas rocket fire—has been saving hundreds of Palestinian Arab  lives. Had Hamas been successful in inflicting massive casualties and property damage on the Jewish State, the Israeli response would have been much less restrained. It would have comprised an early land invasion accompanied by considerably more aggressive bombing resulting in many more Palestinian casualties.

Insanity 2: Israel has been warning Palestinian civilians in Gaza of an oncoming attack, telling them—by a phone calls followed by a warning shot—to move away from the intended target so that they would not get hurt. Now, Hamas complains that in some instances the phone calls did not get through, or that the warning shot was not loud enough.

They did not mention that they have exploited some of these warnings to beef up and cover their fighters and rockets with added human shield.

Insanity 3: Israel is not immune from the general insanity. As rocket fire, aimed at the civilian population, has been raining on Israeli towns, the Jews continued to deliver electricity, fuel, building materials, food, water and many other essentials to those who try to kill them, facilitating and enabling  their lethal aggression. Palestinian rockets have hit two electricity lines that feed Gaza.

Come on Jew-boys. Don’t you want to risk your lives, fix these lines under fire; provide these terrorists with the luxury of electric power? Are you not sufficiently insane?

Insanity 4: Over a week ago Hamas was shooting rockets at Israel while the Netanyahu government was reluctant to respond aggressively. “Quiet will be met with quiet,” Israel claimed. But to no avail. Egypt’s proposed a ceasefire arrangement was accepted by Israel; rejected by Hamas. And they still refer to Israel as the aggressor.

Insanity 5: Hamas’s rocket attack has proved ineffective in the face of the Iron Dome defense system. It played like a high school date—all promise but no

Population density in Gaza is 4600 per square km. Population density in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem is over 7500 and 6000 per square km.
delivery. At the same time, Israeli response inflicted casualties and caused massive damage to Hamas infrastructure. Still, Hamas refuses to accept a ceasefire proposal. They seem to live in a vast and unceasing crescendo.

They act like a compulsive gambler who continues to place bets hoping to recover his earlier massive losses, only to fall deeper and grow to be more broke. They are the loser of this escalation, but they keep playing the macho game, placing aggressive and outrageous demands in front of any potential ceasefire deal. They must not have reconciled to the new reality—they have not won this war.

Insanity 6: (Quoting Israel PM Benjamin Netanyahu),”Israel uses their missiles to protect their children. Hamas uses their children to [shield and] protect their missiles.”

The world turns a blind eye to Hamas’s double war crime. Oh, I must have missed it. Palestinians are excused. It must be that a Palestinian-committed war crime is not a war crime. Their intent to commit genocide, to kill Israeli civilians, to hide behind their own folks is what they call “Resistance…”

Insanity 7: It was not intended as a joke, and I'm not kidding. Hamas accused Israel of agreeing to Tuesday'sshort-lived cease-fire in order to legitimize further air strikes on Gaza after Hamas rejected the plan.  

Al Jazeera discussed how the Gaza bombardment further traumatized Palestinian children suffering from PTSD without mentioning the fact that Hamas has been inflicting the same suffering on Israeli children. What’s more, al Jazeera has claimed that Hamas continued to retaliate for Israeli attacks rather than the fact that Hamas initiated these hostilities. The simple word “retaliate” is a premeditated implication suggesting that Israel is the aggressor in this war.

On the other hand, another al Jazeera reporter has compared Israel’s careful and considerate conduct of war—when it comes to caring for civilian lives— to the ones exercised by the Syrian regime. The reporter dared its Arab readers to go and learn from the Israelis.

Insanity 8: Panel discussions on the Sunday talk shows across all of American major TV networks revolved around the war in Gaza. Several panelists blamed the eruption (of rocket attacks on Israel by Hamas) on the breakdown in the two-state solution peace negotiations.

Their brains must have been operating at half speed. Their ignorance prevented these panelists from seeing that Hamas was never a party to negotiations, has never been interested in a two-state solution; the terrorist organization’s sole objective has always been a single state, cleansed of Jews. Hamas got what they wanted out of the breakdown in the peace negotiations. There was no reason for them to go insane in consequence.

Or, it may be that this is what insanity is all about.

Insanity 9:  Referring to Israel's “Occupation” is a term designed to mislead. On the one hand it implies that Gaza is an Israeli occupied land—it is NOT! Israel left Gaza in 2005. On the other hand it reassures the Palestinians since it underlines the false promise of homecoming a.k.a. the right of return to their non-existent homes in Israel.

Insanity 10: It’s not about the 1967 6-day war. It’s about the 1948 war of independence (also known by Hamas as the Nakba). It is not about "occupation"; it is about anti-Semitism. It is not about happier lives, better economy, or better standard of living for the Palestinians; it’s about culture.

Hamas believes that vests come in two styles: bullet-proof and suicide. They consider music dangerous, but routinely carry explosives in their clothing. They have nothing against women and think every man should own at least one.

Insanity 11: It is an unprecedented phenomenon of world history of wars and refugees. 66 years after Israel’s war of independence Hamas and the world still refer to Gaza neighborhoods as refugee camps.  The Palestinians pretend to refuse settling down, investing and improving their standard of living.   It’s almost as if their sole purpose in life is simply to serve as a warning to others.

Insanity 12: They are shooting rockets at Jerusalem; Luckily, Iron Dome might have prevented a hit on their cherished al Aqsa Mosque, and on some Palestinian neighborhoods. They are shooting rockets at Hevron, a Palestinian city, while its Arab residents, instead of running for shelter, stand outside and cheer. They have shot rockets at Beer Sheba and finally scored—two Bedouin Arab girls were wounded in the attack.

Insanity 13: Many who oppose Israel’s arms blockade of Gaza claim that the territory is “an open-air prison” and “the most densely populated place on earth.” Fact is—population density in Gaza is 4600 per square km. Population density in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem is over 7500 and 6000 per square km respectively. Population density in Manhattan is over 26,000 people per square km.

That first lie concerning the"most densely populated place" is preceded by the “open-air prison” lie. Gazans hold the keys to the so-called “prison” gates. Once they change their attitude and try to live in peace with Israel, there will be no need for imposing an arms blockade; they will enjoy free movement; they will be allowed to build an international airport and a seaport on their territory. It’s not a prison if you can open the gates with your own keys. It is a self-imposedsegregation.

Insanity 14: Ismail Haniyeh, Hamas prime minister, is possibly an Israeli spy. How else can you explain the fact that his house is still standing, whereas most Hamas’s leaders’ houses have turned into rubble; how can you explain that his mother in-law, and then granddaughter were admitted to Israeli hospitals in critical conditions, that Israel gets the drift of every move around him? Yes. His nephews were killed by an Israeli bomb, but what you don’t know is that they might have been up on their uncle’s dual personality. Haniyeh served time in Israeli prison for several disjoined periods. While there, he had close and personal contact with Israeli security agents. Go figure.