Obama’s Old-New Ally: Iran
Obama’s Old-New Ally: Iran

US President Obama has a new ally in the war against al Qaeda, the largest terror group on earth: the Islamic Republic of Iran, the largest terrorist country on earth.  Obama’s motto must be: If you can’t beat the small-time, state-less terrorists, join the big-time nation-state terrorists. 

Obama’s unfolding policy to defend the Iranian-Shiite-puppet, Nouri al-Maliki, is further proof that Obama is enemy #1 of Saudi Arabia and entire Sunni Ummah. Critically, Obama is now overtly proving what has always been his covert fealty to Iran.

After America spent 2 trillion dollars and lost thousands of precious US lives to free the Iraqi people from its medieval-tyranny, it wasn’t enough that Obama ‘reflexively’ ceded the entire sovereign wealth and oil resources of Iraq to the Shiite al-Maliki who has proven himself a 100% Iranian-puppet.

Instead of spending Iraq’s billions on the Sunnis in the West, on orders from his bosses in Tehran, al-Maliki sent the ten of billions of Iraq’s sovereign wealth to the Syria’s Assad.  Assad then massacred hundreds of thousands of Sunnis with chlorine bombs and other weapons transferred by Iran to Syria’s Assad over Iraq’s territory with Al-Maliki’s and Obama’s full knowledge and approval.

Now that al-Qaeda is endangering al-Maliki, Obama desperately needs to defend Iran’s Iraqi-puppet, the lynch-pin to an inchoate Shiite Imanate stretching to the Mediterranean Sea.  What is Obama going to do? He is going to protect and enable Iran’s Shiite al-Maliki to  massacre Iraq’s Sunni population exactly like Assad.  Are we beginning to see a pattern?  Obama is angling to have US troops pull the trigger for Iran’s Sunni genocide as well.

Which brings us to the lie that has been recklessly propagated through the Jewish-pundit echo-chamber: “After al Qaeda defeats Assad, it will attack Israel, so therefore, we can’t let Assad fall.”  This claim has always been nothing but sheer stupidity.

Who are the Sunni Islamists going to try to murder after they chop Assad into little pieces?  If they go westward toward the Golan Druse, Israel can wipe them out before they come within 20 kilometers of the Golan, and Israel has been hospitalizing and saving thousands of Sunnis. Or, does al Qaeda go eastward to Iran’s puppet-state Iraq where millions of Sunnis are being terrorized by an Iranian-stooge al-Maliki, and where the disaffected Sunnis in west Iraq will provide them with local cover.

And, as an extra-added bonus, Assad is getting virtually all his Iranian weapons and oil supply.  With the Sunnis’ Iraqi advance, the Iraqi Iranian line to Syria will now be severely degraded.  Iraqi Shiite militiamen that were deployed to Syria will rush home to stop the attack on their home base.  Therefore, al Qaeda’s attacking east for the Sunnis is a three-for-one Sunni victory: they gain a huge part of Iraq, cut Iran’s weapons’ pipeline to Assad, and decimate the Shiite order-of-battle in Syria that was saving Assad’s skin.

In conclusion, the recent tactical losses the Sunnis suffered in Syria are nothing compared to the strategic gains the Sunnis just made in Iraq.  The Sunnis should have one goal: Ahwaz, the cradle of 90% of Iranian oil-wealth that is precariously sitting west of the Zagros and strategically disconnected from the mountainous Persian heartlands to the East of the Zagros.  Al-Qaeda’s coming attack on Ahwaz will dismember Iran from its Ahwaz cash-flow.  This will turn Iran from being a Shiite Hegemonic threat to the Sunni Ummah, into a bankrupt bunch of Persian Polytheists who have abused Islam to murder millions of Muslims, and to steal the Arabs’ oil wealth.

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