The United Kingdom's Muslim Trojan Horse
The United Kingdom's Muslim Trojan Horse

If there is one special thing of which Great Britain is proud, it is its national school system. The mandatory national curriculum is uniform for all schools and every educational institution is expected to follow it scrupulously. Expected to, that is, because recently a massive breach has been found in this sacrosanct  wall of uniformity.

The more Islamization there is, the harder it is to turn the Muslim communities into an integral part of British society.
The story takes place in Birmingham, a city with a large concentration of Muslim immigrants. A majority of Muslim pupils exists in nearly twenty of the city's schools, and recently it was discovered that a group of teachers, on their own initiative, decided to add extremist Muslim study units to the curriculum.

Some of them, who identify with the Salafist movement, prepared a document which called for firing all teachers, headmasters and municipal supervisors who refuse to take part in the Islamization of the educational system. The Salafist complaints include claims that the curriculum is too permissive; they are against the singing of Christian songs in the schools and oppose mixed gender physical education classes.

The Ministry of Education is frantically conducting an inquiry into the matter in an attempt to put a stop to the phenomenon before it spreads to other cities with Muslim pupil majorities.

And it has recently come to light that one of the key figures in this islamification scheme is a man named Bil'al Bil'ali, who has visited Syria at least once and Is suspected of enlisting a good part of the 400 - or thereabouts - Britons who are now in Syria playing a role in the jihad against Assad.

Bil'ali even posted statuses on Facebook, such as: "Why do the media attack our heroes, who gave up the good life in Britain [to fight] for the life of the Syrian people?"

There is, however, no proof that Bil'ali actually took part in the fighting in Syria.

The above goes hand in hand with other Islamization phenomena  in the UK, most prominently, the government's sanctioning the establishment of an Islamic court system that will make decisions on the basis of Sharia law in disputes between Muslims as well as act as a family court.  The government's allowing this is based on the view that there can be a multicultural system in the UK in which each culture has autonomy without any need for the state's intervention in its cultural life.

In the meantime, the investigation in Birmingham is progressing, and the British Minister of Education is weighing the possibility of abrogating the city of Birmingham's authority to supervise its school system, which entails handing over the controls to a national governmental body that will be less prone to listen to the Islamic wishes of the  city's Muslim population.  Britain"s interior ministry, responsible for public order and law enforcement, is very worried by the growing Islamization of education, seeing it as a mirror of that population's ongoing trends. The more Islamization there is,  the harder it is to turn the Muslim communities into an integral part of British society. Leaving the Muslim population in its own cultural bubble may create violent friction between those closed enclaves and government and law enforcement agencies.

The Elaph website, an online Arabic newspaper, reported this story and allowed readers to comment. Below is the complete version of three of the comments that readers sent to the site. Take into account that someone who identifies himself using an Islamic name can do that in order to give the impression that he is Muslim,  although he could be a member of another religion. We have not changed anything, just translated and put our comments in parentheses:

Farouk (Muslim name) from Lebanon, writes:

Time is running out. The barrier to effective work by western intelligence organizations consists of the rules and limitations caused by human rights issues, all of which work in favor of the endless cells of untamed terrorists, who are active around the clock at brainwashing youngsters, second and third generation descendants of immigrants from Moslem lands.  They promise them virgins and young boys, rivers of wine and honey (in Paradise). Western regimes must join forces to pass the laws that will allow them to hit the people who recognize no law except the law of the jungle.

Muhammed (Muslim name) writes:

This is only the beginning. The greatest mistake the government of Britain made, one government after the other, was giving British citizenship to these mentally ill characters, these religious radicals, without stating conditions that are mandatory for anyone who requests British citizenship. Another reason is that the governments of Britain did not attempt to limit this phenomenon from its onset, and it grew and expanded until it came out in the open. In addition, the UK offered many radical Muslims refuge, including the Bankrupt Brothers (a play on the title "Muslim Brotherhood"), those human Satans.

Therefore, it should not surprise us that they are now baring their teeth and publicly announcing what they plan for future generations of Britons. All the statistics prove that they will be the majority in a few years. And since the UK is governed as a democracy,  British Christians will have no option other than to hand the flag over to these terrorists  so that they can lead Britain into the future. What these radicals think is much more encompassing than what is happening now, because their final goal is to turn the UK into a new Pakistan, with all the same mafias, political corruption, administrative and bureaucratic. 

If the UK's laws remain as they are today, they will succeed in doing so in a few years and bloody conflicts with them will take place in the future, because this type of people, if they don't succeed in reaching their goals by peaceful means, turn to the violence that is part of their nature and genetic heredity.

If the UK wants to prevent this, it must begin to enact strict laws and by-laws that will ensure that the UK remains a secular entity in which there is separation of church and state.

In my opinion, there is no way to deal with these types except for rescinding their UK citizenship and returning them to the incomparable and democratic Paradise in Pakistan, which has no counterpart in the entire world. They totally deserve this because there are laws enacted specifically for the kind of people who do not recognize freedom of thought unless this freedom is attuned to their lifestyle and serves only the interests of their sick belief system.

"One who loves the West" writes:

What is allowed and forbidden has turned into a big joke. Go back to your Islamic countries and enjoy your mosques, tents, camels and oil.

Dr. Kedar comments: The responses were written in Arabic, ostensibly by people from Arab countries who emigrated to the UK not so as to stay in an Islamic enclave but in order to be absorbed into British society and adopt its values and belief system, laws and customs. Their words prove that the immigrants to the West from Muslim countries are not all made of the same cloth. On the contrary, there is a vast difference between those who wish to blend into the host society and those who will do anything – including resorting to violence – to prevent immigrant Muslims from joining the host society and its culture and will force unbending Islamic education upon them so as to ensure that their children also remain loyal to Islam and not to the values of the nation that is absorbing them.

The conflict exists within the Islamist societies living in Europe and it can be imagined that families are split between one son who fits into society and does not flaunt his Islam, and another son who preserves his identity, customs and values, so as to prevent himself fromfitting in too well.

The conflict between these opposing goals finds its expression in everyday disputes about appointing a new Imam for the mosques, the content of the speeches made in the mosques, the handouts, the dress codes for young men and women, their behavior in the public domain, all this in addition to the regular school curriculum.

The lives of Islamist immigrants to the West is not an easy one. Most of them fled countries where life is in close proximity to Hell on earth. Look at Syria and Libya.

What is happeing in the UK today,  especially now after the strong electoral showing of the European right, does not make it easier for them and raises tensions in Europe. This tension finds expression in violence and jihad against anyone who does not accept Sharia law, although he is a Muslim.  

Written in Hebrew for Arutz Sheva, translated by Rochel Sylvetsky