Do Not Touch My Anointed
Do Not Touch My Anointed

Every now and then something comes through along the Internet alleging that measure for measure natural disasters that occur in the United States correspond to American pressure on Israel. One heavy hand politically begets a seismic heavy hand from Above.

In fact, the popular website JewsNews lists a number of strange occurrences to dispel any notion of coincidence.

Like this: President Bush signs the detrimental Oslo Accord – next day a Perfect Storm hits the North Atlantic. Thirty-foot waves reach Bush’s home in Maine.

We are to suppose, then, that if Obama were to act as a true friend of the Jewish State, we would be spared fires, floods, hurricanes and earthquakes.

But nature is always up to something. Right now, for example, severe storms are pelting five states with hail the size of baseballs.

Never doubt that the Creator’s hand is in all of nature. But to connect one with the other is asking too much.

Therefore, on the grounds of this being entirely too superstitious, I dismiss these “facts” as I am sure do many other “rational” thinkers.

But now this – and you wonder.

At the moment Obama is suffering the worst crisis of his career, over the prisoner exchange fiasco involving Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl. By now we all know this story. So we will skip most of that and go straight to The New York Times where we find the Times dubious over the lopsided swap of prisoners.

To gain the release of an American soldier in captivity, five of the worst Taliban terrorists were released from Gitmo.

First came an editorial and then came a front page that openly and without the usual sensitivity questioned Obama’s wisdom. Never before has the Times even come close to criticizing Obama. This has been the longest honeymoon on record – and that goes for the entire news media.

The Times does keep trying to find ways to protect its leader, but you can sense the discomfort in its newsrooms.

I think it’s fair to say that Obama is losing the Times and has lost his charmed life among the press in general, and if so he has lost everything.

Republicans like Sen. Lindsey Graham are calling for articles of impeachment. This has been brought up before, but this time it is serious.

It is serious because even Democrats can’t defend him. TIME magazine has left the cult, asking of Bergdahl, “Was he worth it?” High voltage Liberals like Noam Chomsky and MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski are wondering where Obama is taking this country. The New York Post’s Michael Goodwin thinks it’s already too late.

On Obama’s pyramid of scandals and on Obama’s “go-it-alone” approach, Goodwin writes, “America as we know it is headed to a point of no return.” In the same newspaper, columnist John Podhoretz assesses the unraveling of dear leader with the headline, “He’s Come Unspun.”

The love has turned to mockery. Obama’s professional defenders, Susan Rice and Jay Carney, have become a laughingstock.

California’s Democrat Sen. Dianne Feinstein has been openly critical.

So when did all this happen? This happened almost to the moment when Obama embraced the terrorist government cobbled together between Hamas and Fatah. This has caused anguish in Israel. Yes, Obama will be happy to do business with Palestinian Arab terrorists over and above Israel’s security and Biblical interests.

Israel is being asked to hold peace talks with an enemy poised and sworn to its destruction. For the Jewish State, this amounts to a perfect political storm.

When your best friend turns on you, where do you go?

So it appears that we are witnessing a heavy hand from the master of America.

In response are we witnessing the heavy hand from the Master of the Universe?

We can be forgiven if for a moment we suspend our healthy skepticism to consider instead Psalm 105.

Nations throughout history were left grieving and desolate when they ignored the power of this prophecy:

“Dare not touch My anointed ones, and to My prophets do no harm.”

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