160M Muslims Against 1M Cypriots = 1M Dead Cypriots
160M Muslims Against 1M Cypriots = 1M Dead Cypriots

The Greek Nazi Golden Dawn political party didn’t spring up out of a vacuum.  The Greeks hate the Jews.  In fact, a recent poll by the ADL showed Greece to be the most anti-Semitic country in Europe with a whopping 69% of its 11 million people harboring “anti-Semitic views.” (That works out to about 8 million Greek Jew-haters.)  

Percentage-wise, that means Greece is on par with Saudi Arabia, more anti-Semitic than Iran (56 percent) and nearly twice as anti-Semitic as Europe’s second-most anti-Semitic country, France (37 percent).  Even though the Israeli-Left has groveled at the feet of the Palestinian Arabs with its delusional “Peace Process”, the Palestinian Arabs in Judea, Samaria, and Gaza broke an anti-Semitic record, with 93% of people harboring anti-Semitic views.  (You’d think after Hamas took over Gaza, and Assad dropped chemical weapons on his fellow Arabs, these Palestinian ingrates would thank their lucky stars that Israel protects them from intra-Arab genocide. And that's without the jobs Israelis give them.)   

The Greek Nazis may simply be more honest than the rest of Europe.  But, in any event, Israel and world Jewry have to do a much better job at showing how Israel is strategically imperative to Greek Cyprus’ very existence, and hence Greece’s existence.  We have to hammer it into the Greek Nazis’ brains without pause that without Israel being safe, secure, and protecting Cyprus and sharing the Levant Basin’s natural gas reserves, Greek Cyprus is finished

The goal is not to emotionally convert Greek Nazis into Jew-lovers based on “common-values,” but turn them intellectually into Israel-needers.  Otherwise, they will get wiped out by the Muslims.

At the outset, one must emphasize: Cyprus is not a NATO-protected country.  Also, one must remember that for over 1400 years Christian Europe has been fighting the Muslims of Turkey and the Arabs over Cyprus.  It all started in 688 ACE when the new-converted Arab Muslims first stormed the island.  In fact, Shakespeare’s famous play “Othello” written in 1603 has a story-line taken from a 1565 book where the Muslims Turks were about to invade Christian Cyprus, so Othello, the Moor, was sent by the Christian Venice to defeat the Muslim Turks at Cyprus.

Now, however, Turkey and the Arabs have something extra to invade Cyprus about. And that extra something is hundreds of billions of dollars of natural gas in the Levant Basin nestled between Cyprus and Israel.  For, it is clear to all that Turkey’s religious lust for the conquest of Cyprus is matched by Turkey’s economic avarice to steal the natural gas fields.

In explaining this to Greek Nazi Jew-haters one has to focus on just three numbers: 75M, 85M, and 1M.  And if you understand these three numbers, you can give even the biggest Greek Nazi Golden Dawn Jew-haters pause to reassess their “thinking.” 

Those numbers represent the following:

1. Turkey has a population of 75 Million Muslims, and now occupies the Northern part of Cyprus after Turkey invaded Cyprus in 1974.

2. Egypt has a population of 85 million Muslims, and 85 Million hungry mouths to feed.

3. Cyprus’ Greeks Christian population weighs in with about a hefty 800,000 Christians.  Let’s be kind to Cyprus, and round up to one million-1M- Greek Christian Cypriots.

So, the simple numbers are Turkey (75M) + Egypt (85M)= 160 Million Muslims fighting against 1M Greek Christian Cypriots for Cyprus and the hundreds of billions of Levant Basin gas.

160M Muslims versus 1M Cypriots is only one disaster for Cyprus.  It gets a lot worse very quickly.  Turkey’s military has 662,000 active personnel.  That’s 662,000 Turkish soldiers, airmen, and sailors.  Egypt has 778,000 active soldiers. 

So, 662k Turkish soldiers + 778k Egyptian soldiers = 1,440k soldiers, or 1.4M Muslim soldiers.  Now, Greek Christian Cyprus only has 1M people.  So, just Egypt and Turkey have about 400,000 more active soldiers than Cyprus has in its total population.  And, this Muslim active soldier number excludes all the Muslims of the Levant to the east of Cyprus, riddled with al Qaeda.

In short, if G-d forbid, anything ever happened to Israel, Christian Cyprus would be wiped away by the Turks and the Egyptians before one could say “Mohammad.”  Now, the Greek Golden Dawn Nazis are going to have to make a choice.  Do they want 1,000,000 dead Greek Christian Cypriots, or do they want Greek Cyprus to continue to exist.  If they want Greek Cyprus, they still may hate the Jews, but they better quickly learn to love Israel.  Otherwise, their Nazi Golden Dawn will rapidly turn in a Muslim Black Dusk for the Christian Greeks in the Mediterranean.

In conclusion, while the Greek Nazis might hate the Jews, they had better start loving the Israelis who are protecting the 1 million Greek Cypriots on Cyprus.

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