Travesty in the Knesset
Travesty in the Knesset

The recent decision of the Knesset Ministerial Committee to allow the surrogacy law (for two homosexuals, ed.) to be presented to the Knesset is a terrible transgression. It is a law that normalizes forbidden sexual relations.

And this travesty has opened the door to more and more transgressions: The law to allow euthanasia – a law that normalizes murder, is one, and allowing Christian idolatry in King David's tomb is another. These are the three worst sins in the Torah, sins that defile the Land of Israel. Idol worship, forbidden sexual relationships and murder.

Our Talmudic Sages wisely said that those Jews who forsake the observance of Torah, in the end degenerate and descend to a level below that of human morality. What is not accepted in most countries has become sanctioned here.  And as if that is not enough – it is being done in the name of a so-called ideology of "mercy" and "caring".

These laws are rooted in a narrow and limited viewpoint that focuses on an indiividual's problems without seeing beyond them to the destructive effects their passage will have on the entire community of Israel.

What are we to do, how can we push back this legislative barrage that attacks Torah and Ethics? Laws that skew the Jewish People's path in the direction of paganism?

We must unite, all those of us who keep the Torah and its commandments – and with us, all those who hold Jewish tradition dear and see these travesties as deleterious. Only by joining strengths can we overcome.

In addition, on the agenda in the coming days is a correction to the law against incitement. The Jewish Home party must see to it that the law includes a central paragraph that states clearly that a rabbi,educator or any other person may express the views of Torah and educate towards keeping the commandments and living according to the Torah. It must be permissible to say that the Torah calls a same sex alternative style of living an abomination, empathy with individual difficulties notwithstanding.

There is nothing in the laws of the state that prevents a person from keeping his religion and belief system and there is no place for an attempt to prevent his speaking his mind. This position must be insisted upon.

And yet, let us take heart, for the challenges facing us show for certainty that Redemption is near, and the closer the time of Redemption, the more the obstacles and difficulties on its path increase and worsen, but we know for sure that salvation blossoms out of each one.