Muslims Love Death, Europe is Tired of Life
Muslims Love Death, Europe is Tired of Life

In technical jargon it is called "baby crack" or "baby slump". Italy has not seen so few births since 1861. Since the days of the unification of Italy. Those born in Italy in 2013 were just 515,000.

Demography is a question of culture, not kindergartens.
The pyramid of age is apalling. Italy is a dying country which has already lost a generation. A country where soon the only blood relatives of babies will be their own parents. "Italian Confucianism", the scholar Francis Fukuyama called it.

The so-called "experts" of demography, who had underestimated this historic revolution, now indicate the economic crisis to explain the empty cradles. But the trend of falling birth rates in Italy began at the end of the seventies, when the country experienced a wave of "dinks", double income no kids.

Demography is a question of culture, not kindergartens.

Between 1935 and 1947, Italy experienced a war fought throughout the whole country, thousands of killed in battle and bombings, deportees and prisoners of war who never came back, loss of territory in the east as in the west. Yet among those many evils, the population grew during that period from 42 to 45 million. But today, in rich Germany, demography statistics have decreased more than during the First World War.

It is known as the "white plague".

If southern Europe has the worst fertility rates, the north holds the record for euthanasia. In Belgium, already the leading European country for suicide rates, cases of euthanasia have increased by over 700 per cent in the last ten years. These are the impressive numbers published by the Belgian newspaper le Soir.

The demographic statistics of Italy and those of euthanasia in Belgium are united by the mystery of two of the richest and peaceful postwar democracies who have chosen self liquidation.

In the XIV century, an epidemic wiped out 80 percent of the population of Italy and Belgium. In the XXI century, Italians and Belgians are dying out by choice.

Emblematic is the decision of Dr. Wim Distelmans, pioneer of euthanasia in Belgium, who has decided to organize a study tour for dozens of medical professionals involved in euthanasia. Destination? Auschwitz. Dr. Distelmans says he chose the extermination camp because there "you can clear up the confusion surrounding euthanasia". Exactly.

The barbarism of the XX century, its transformation into the slaughterhouse of millions of human beings, among them 6 million Jews, began with the SS Death Heads. Nobody saw them arriving in the cosmopolitan, hedonistic, bohemien, urban, literary and decadent pre-Nazi wonderland of Weimar, Germany’s experiment with democracy between 1919 and 1933.

Brussels is the new Weimar with its coffee houses and historic buildings, libraries and democratic institutions. A few days ago, a couple of Israeli Jews were murdered in EU's capital by fanatic assassins who follow the Koran, saying "we desire death more than you desire life".

The problem is that Europe doesn't desire life. It is tired of it.

Muslims and Europe both hate Israel because it is a society living in great intimacy with death, still sacrificing its sons in order to fight for the future, but a country with a rising birthrate and suffused with a great love for life.