Pope's Visit to Israel A Victory for Islamic Terrorism
Pope's Visit to Israel A Victory for Islamic Terrorism

If anyone was infallible during the Pope’s visit to Israel, it was terrorist president Mahmoud Abbas. He got everything he wanted from the Pope.

Abbas choreographed the entire thing. Showtime started when the Pope bypassed Israel proper and went straight to PA controlled Bethlehem…and of course the entire trip was a show. It was about symbols. Otherwise what was the purpose and frankly, hardly anyone remembers the purpose.

If the Pope’s journey to the Holy Land was to justify terrorism, mission accomplished.

Mercifully it is over. But the damage has been done.

Whose Holy Land is it anyway? The deed was given to the Hebrews. God’s contract is in every page of Scriptures read in every church and synagogue.

If that pledge given to Abraham, to Isaac and to Jacob was ever abrogated, “Show me the paper,” Rabbi Kook used to say.

That was Pope John XXIII who (quoting Genesis 45:4) declared to the Jews, “I am Joseph, your brother.”

No, this Pope was Islam’s brother.

The trip had absolutely nothing to do with Israel. It has nothing to do with Jews or Catholics. It was all about Islam and its grievances. The Pope complied.

Balaam at least tried to stall the curses.

Abbas took the stage and never let go. He wrote, produced and directed the entire spectacle. He wanted the Pope at the wall, the protective barrier that Israel erected 10 years ago so that fewer Arabs could murder fewer Jews? He got his wish. Except that Abbas wanted it to symbolize Israeli “apartheid.” The Pope obliged.

Bibi had to quickly summon a speech to remind Pope Francis how dangerous it was before the wall went up, but too late.

The pictures worth a thousand words had already circulated the globe.

Where was Israel’s leadership from the beginning of this disaster until the end? Didn’t they know the Pope was coming?

Half of life is showing up. The other half is being prepared. Israel’s leadership failed here on both counts.

How did Abbas get to play the moral equivalency card – make that the moral superiority card – during every step of the Pope’s visit?

Half of life is showing up. The other half is being prepared. Israel’s leadership failed here on both counts.
Victimhood in its entirely belonged to Abbas and his Palestinian Arabs and the Pope was taken in.

How did the oldest of nations, Israel, going back more than 3,500 years, get outsmarted by a gang that was invented in 1967, A.D. and calling itself Palestinians?

Bibi and the rest of his staff were constantly playing catch-up and constantly being outmaneuvered by Abbas – a thug, a terrorist.

Did Israel not know that Abbas had plans to “prove” that the “baby Jesus” was a Palestinian Arab? Too late again.

The Pope blessed that, too, an Arab Jesus, and pictures were taken.

That image will stick for centuries and who knows how this will play throughout today’s Catholic world?

My good Catholic friend John calls it, “Heresy.”

As if we need proof that Israel is absolutely lame in the art of public relations, here is evidence that is most telling and disturbing --

After getting the Pope to visit that protective barrier, a real coup and a cute trick for Abbas, Israeli leaders had to swiftly transfer the Pope to Israel’s national cemetery at Mount Herzl. The word we get is that this was not part of the itinerary but was tacked on to save the day.

But nothing could save this misadventure. This Papal visit was no blessing, but a victory for Islamic terrorism. There is no other way to say it.

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