Arrogance Gone Astray
Arrogance Gone Astray

Chutzpah! Unmitigated gall! Impertinence! Audacity and total disrespect coupled with arrogance and bordering on simple treason, no less.

Just who does MK Tzipi Livni think she is? A political has-been who was practically wiped out in the last election because of the overbearing attitude she exhibited in her lusterless political career. After rejection in her own Kadima party, which followed her leaving the Likud party, her political career was about to be completely wiped off the Israeli electoral map when she formed a new party, Hatnua, and after non-stellar election results, Prime Minister Netanyahu, in a truly unfathomable move, breathed life into an almost lifeless corpse.

To add insult to injury, she was appointed both as Justice Minister and put in charge of ‘peace negotiations’ with Israel’s ‘partners for peace.’ Justice Minister?

The farcical ‘peace negotiations’ were conducted by her in a manner that gave the Palestinians a sense of high hope that they would succeed in squeezing Israel to the wall and eventually bring about its destruction. They reveled in the knowledge that across the table sits one who instead of representing the Israeli side, did everything she could to undermine the Prime Minister whose benevolence revived her.

Every step of the way throughout the months of useless negotiations, Palestinian demands and US pressure were met by Livni’s clear acquiescence to everything detrimental to the Israeli side, the side she was supposed to represent.

The release of prisoners demanded by Abbas and Secretary of State John Kerry were openly supported by Livni. The demand that Israel stop any sort of building, witnessed added pressure on Netanyahu by his negotiator Livni.  How the Palestinian side must have been laughing into their keffiyas, knowing that the Israeli representative is undermining her own country. How they must have reveled in the knowledge that across them sits a true sympathizer for their cause who will eventually hand them everything they demanded, on a silver platter.

Fortunately, the Arabs 'never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity' and Livni was their best opportunity to get what they wanted. Had the Palestinian side been just a bit more patient and allowed Livni to continue the farce, they would have seen many more prisoners released, the building freeze extended indefinitely, Jerusalem divided… other words, they should have left well enough alone and allowed Livini to proceed unhindered in her venture to cripple her own government and destroy Israel. 

Are these words too harsh? Turn back the pages of the last nine months in which Livni conducted these supposed negotiations and then deny the facts. It is a shame and a disgrace that she conducted these talks with the intention of delivering all that the Arabs demanded.

Read the protocols of the meetings and understand that it’s nothing less than total irresponsibility.

And for the life of me I don’t understand what Netanyahu was thinking when he appointed her!  For the life of me I cannot comprehend the act of reviving your bitter enemy and entrusting your own future into the hands of the same person who for years repeatedly tried to destroy you.

Were there not enough trustworthy patriots in the ranks of the other coalition partners (Likud, Yisrael Beytenu or Bayit Yehudi) who would have done a much better and healthier job than Livni? Was Netanyahu really thinking that Livni has noble motives? What was his desperation to bring her in?

And now that everything is said and done, once Abbas had destroyed any chance for further useless negotiations, who gave her the right to pretend that all is right and to continue to conduct business as usual with unauthorized meetings? And to castigate Naftali Bennett for his plan to annex Area C?

Last but not least: Which other country, anywhere in the world would allow a government Minister or official to circumvent its stated policy? Which country in the world would allow its appointed official to do what Livni does and not immediately dismiss that person? Why doesn’t Prime Minister Netanyahu tell that woman that as of this minute she is no longer in the government and she is free to take her four or five party members with her.

Why can’t he tell her that as of this minute, she is welcome to openly represent Ramallah and such representation wouldn’t constitute any change in her status at all. After all, she basically represented that side till now.

Arrogance gone astray.