Protect You: A Voice for Israeli Children
Protect You: A Voice for Israeli Children

Let's take a moment to remember all the IDF soldiers, those brave Israeli men, who, after each engagement, wish they could have fought to protect their loved ones till the point of total victory over terror.

They leave their families to go out and endanger their lives with valor, strength, and fearlessness, but are denied the opportunity by sham "cease fires" that only give the terrorists a chance to regroup.

They have to endure media lies and condemnation of the most obvious acts of self-defense.

It's not only about Hamas. It is Lebanon and Iran and Nakba Day and everyday terrorism as well.

And it's the same story all the time. Israel can't fight or cannot fight to win and our men are left emasculated and our children left scared because the world pressures Israel to sign fake "deals" and "cease fires" - and watch out for "civilians", as long as they are not Jewish.