Al-Dura Sequel? Another Palestinian Arab Hoax?
Al-Dura Sequel? Another Palestinian Arab Hoax?

Last week, “something” happened in a confrontation between masked and violent Palestinian youths and the IDF on the 'West Bank', a.k.a. Judea and Samaria.

The world is still talking about it and their voices are growing louder by the minute. Hanan Ashrawi, a member of the Palestine Liberation Organization’s executive committee, has condemned Israel’s “deliberate execution” of these boys and described it as a “crime against humanity.”

Ashrawi’s hysterical hyperbole never disappoints.

Today, both the United States and the United Nations have called for a “transparent probe” of the so-called Nakba Day shootings.

The IDF is conducting its own internal investigation. They have no indication that “live fire” was used by Israeli forces.

But, the same world which still cannot find the missing Malaysian plane or the captured Nigerian girls, can be diverted from their inevitable failure in the face of unsolved mysteries and evil. 

Here is a new focus. The hoped-for scenario: Tarnish Israel’s name at precisely that moment when there is no possibility of a “peace” process and, when the Middle East is so unstable, so dangerous, that even the terrorists in Gaza and the Islamists on the 'West Bank' are between a rock and a hard place in terms of possible alliances with other Muslim countries. (Thank you, Caroline Glick, for making this point crystal clear).

Let’s get the world up-in-arms against Israel, let’s have a replay of the most successful Blood Libel in the 21st century, that of Mohammed Al-Dura, the boy supposedly killed by the IDF at the Netzavim junction. The fact that Al-Dura’s death did not happen and that Israel did not kill him does not matter.

The truth has no place in this propaganda war.

The 2014 script: Two teenaged boys, one seventeen years old, one sixteen years old, are, arguably, killed in the fight against alleged Zionist “colonialism.”

Whether or not these deaths were staged; whether or not the IDF shot them; whether or not the IDF was even using live ammunition; whether or not the video released was doctored or provocatively edited--regardless, calls to hold Israel accountable by outside parties will soon be heard all over the world.

Are we really going to fall for another Mohammed Al-Dura trick? According to experts, the two boys seem to have staged their falls. Like Al-Dura, no blood is evident. Like Al-Dura, there are no corpses to autopsy.

But that is not what upsets me.

Palestinian Islamists have been indoctrinating their own children into becoming human bombs. They have unleashed masked teenagers into becoming dangerous rock-throwers and rocket launchers. Some rock-hurlers have killed and injured living human beings. 

More to the point: Honor killing among Palestinians has actually increased--and the majority of such victims are teenage girls. Classic honor killings target the young. The culture of human sacrifice begins with young girls. (No, it does not exempt older women--but that is another kind of honor killing).

I do not hear the world condemning such a death-eating culture or calling for any single honor killer or for the Palestinian Authority, Fatah, or Hamas to be held accountable in an international criminal court.

I am not excusing or justifying any real deaths or murders. I am questioning who the murderers might be. I am noting that the world has one standard for Islamist terrorists (a lower standard) and another standard for Israelis (an impossibly high standard).

I once interviewed a former Palestinian Arab 'soldier' who told me an interesting anecdote. A man from his village suspected that another man had slept with his wife, but for many reasons (his wife’s family was very powerful, he had no proof), he did nothing. Shortly thereafter, the husband proposed a raid on a nearby kibbutz, Ramat Rahel, and the men ran there with guns and rocks and hammers. Their force was repelled--but unfortunately, the man suspected of adultery was shot dead. He was a martyr.

“Guess who really shot him?” my interviewee asked. “It was the husband. And he blamed the Israelis. And he had his revenge.”

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