Let's  End the Rachel Corrie Circus: The Big Lies
Let's End the Rachel Corrie Circus: The Big Lies

On May 21st, Israel’s Supreme Court will hear an appeal of the lower court in Haifa that heard the wrongful death lawsuit by the parents of Rachel Corrie. Three of Israel’s highest judges, at taxpayer expense, will take their time to listen to an Arab lawyer named Hussein Abu Hussein who is a professional flack for the terrorist movements out to destroy Israel. The purpose is to accuse the IDF of murder and a cover up in a nonsensical trial over a little foolish American girl who was playing revolutionary in a combat zone and got herself killed in the process.

Rachel’s parents could have stepped up after their daughter’s death and urged other parents to not encourage their children to go to the Holy Land to act as human shields for terrorists like Rachel did. Instead, they chose to make a sinecure traveling the world and mythologizing their "useful idiot" child as a “human rights activist” who died protecting a Palestinian home with her body.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Even after being kidnapped by Hamas operatives in Gaza, on their release they began the same lying campaign.

Joseph Goebbels was the Nazi propagandist who created the Big Lie. The Big Lie held that if one repeated a story over and over people would come to believe it as true.

This is the case with Rachel Corrie. Cindy and Craig Corrie, Rachel’s parents, became spokespeople for a foundation put together by assorted anti-Semites and radical Arabs in the US to build a Big Lie around Rachel.

A play was developed glorifying this stupid foolish girl who was on a thrill ride as an anarchist in Gaza trying to interfere with the IDF.

Joseph Carr, an ISM activist who was present that day when Rachel was, actually said that Rachel’s death was well worth the “price of the revolution”.

These are just some of the Big Lies about Rachel Corrie:

1) Rachel Corrie was protecting an Arab doctor’s house from demolition;

Video tape of the incident when Rachel was killed clearly shows she was not protecting a house. She plunked herself down in front of a D9 caterpillar tractor that was clearing the entrance to a weapons smuggling tunnel and the driver did not see her.  The video can be seen at StoptheISM.com on the home page. There was no “doctor”; the ISM found a pharmacist named Sami Masry to claim Rachel was protecting his home. For this, Masry got himself a new home paid for by the Rachel Corrie Foundation in the US, to perpetuate the Big Lie.

2) Rachel Corrie was a pacifist concerned with “human rights.”

Rachel Corrie was a self-avowed anarchist (this according to her boyfriend). She hated not only Israel but the US. She wrote her mother calling the terrorists who blew up Israelis “martyrs” and considered them noble.

Rachel took her anarchism seriously. Two weeks before she died, she was in one of those weapons smuggling tunnels helping to bring out the dead body of a Hamas terrorist the IDF had killed in an earlier operation. In another instance, shortly before her death she walked out into a hot combat zone with Fellow ISM activist Joseph Carr under orders of a Hamas supervisor to retrieve another dead body of a terrorist.  

According to a phone interview I made with Carr before the last lawsuit in the possession of government lawyers, Rachel did this because she knew Arab snipers would shoot any IDF soldiers who came out from cover to arrest them. The fact that Rachel was trying to draw fire upon IDF soldiers made her an enemy combatant.

3) Rachel Corrie was acting on her own to aid the Palestinians.

The ISM on its website openly boasts they are Palestinian-led and has Arab plainclothes supervisors at all demonstrations against the IDF this per one of their leaders, Adam Shapiro).  As such, Rachel was following orders that day in Rafah to interfere with IDF soldiers. That makes her a part of the terrorist network.

4) Rachel was the victim of a negligent IDF.

Rachel Corrie’s ISM group leader, a non-Arab, admitted to the press the day she was killed that she was in a spot where she shouldn’t have been. Bored about waiting for directions, she left the group and plunked herself in front of the active bulldozer that was clearing a weapons smuggling tunnel.

Rachel knew that driver would not emerge to move her because Arab snipers would shoot him if he did. This was a deliberate act to harm IDF soldiers and she no doubt got this idea from the earlier episode removing dead bodies in combat zones. There were no homes being demolished that day in Rafah as the video showed.

The IDF Captain, in charge of the detail that included the D9 and two vehicles, in an interview immediately after her death said the ISM activists would stand in front of his vehicles and point to their own chests and yell at the soldiers “Shoot me! Shoot me!”  The IDF showed remarkable restraint that day.

For those who ask why the army didn’t send soldiers out of their vehicles to arrest the ISM activists, the fact that Arab snipers were using the ISM activists to draw them into sight for just such a reason shows why they didn’t do this. And it also points out how Corrie and her ISM buddies were part of a combat scenario against the IDF.

5) The tractor backed up over Rachel after she was run over.

This was another canard started by Joseph Carr, Carr, who has been deported by Israel before but sneaked back into the country under false identities, was identifying himself as Joseph Smith that day, started the Big Lie that she was backed over by the bulldozer’s driver even after she was struck. This lie appears frequently on blogs on the Internet.

In a radio interview Carr claimed he was running alongside the bulldozer telling them to stop before hitting her when he was nowhere near the scene of the accident. Carr even created fake photos of the incident and preceding moments that he tricked Reuters into posting worldwide. Reuters later had to post a retraction. These photos can be seen also at StoptheISM.com.

Carr was drawing a salary at that time from Christian Peacemaker Teams, an ISM affiliate. Carr expressed in an interview that Corrie’s death was a price well paid as it would advance “the revolution,” a true anarchist program.

These are just a few of the salient details about the Rachel Corrie canard that mainstream media doesn’t tell you.

Do you have a son in the IDF who risks his life for Israel?  Is there any reason he or she should be put at risk for such reasons?

One thing is certain. Regardless of the court’s finding, the ISM, the Corries, and the Arabs will insist Rachel Corrie was “murdered” and the IDF was irresponsible. If the Supreme Court finds the IDF guilty then count on the Arabs and the Corries going to the Hague and demanding Israel be indicted for war crimes. And, likewise, if the Supreme Court finds the IDF innocent (as they should) the Rachel Corrie circus will go to the Hague and insist the two earlier trials were a whitewash. All of this is facilitating the use of courts by Arab terrorist groups to once again whittle down the Jewish state and de-legitimize the IDF.