Germans Still Want Jewish Gold
Germans Still Want Jewish Gold

It seems that many Germans, this week's Angela Merkel cabinet trip notwithstanding, are as anti-Semitic as they were during WWII.

Deutsche Bank, which purchased gold taken from the victims of Nazi concentration camps (also that taken from Jews' mouths), which helped finance construction of Auschwitz, which dismissed Jewish board members in 1933, has now “morally” questioned Israel’s largest bank, Hapoalim.

A few years ago, Deutsche Bank sold its shares in Elbit Systems. Why? Because Elbit is involved in providing security for Israeli civilians.

Now the German bank offered its clients an investment channel that excludes Bank Hapoalim, among other companies, on “grounds of immorality”. Why? Because the Israeli bank provides services all over Israel, including Judea and Samaria.

"Juden raus! Auf nach Palestina!" (Jews out ! Off to Palestine!) was a slogan on walls in 1930's Germany. Now the survivors and their descendants must squeeze into an indefensible ghetto with Auschwitz borders. This is the real meaning of the Deutsche Bank's initiative.

Germans created Auschwitz on blood soaked European soil, and many might not mind a second Shoah, created this time by Palestinian Arabs on the soil of the Jewish homeland.

After all, a German bank, which is also suspected of laundering Iran's money, boycotts Jews as though history never happened. This is how it goes in contemporary Europe.

Once Germans loved to take Jews' gold teeth. Through this boycott, now Germans want to exact a price in gold from the Jews for their "occupation".

Will the murder of defenseless Israeli Jews help Deutsche Bank and the Germans live with their own moral cowardice?