"Peace" Talk? Barbed Wire and Guard Towers
"Peace" Talk? Barbed Wire and Guard Towers

The more "settlements" uprooted, the more international pressure, and pressure from the US and Europe there will be - to uproot more.
A few Israeli ministers have been chosen to decide if burying the millennial dream of the Jewish people and robbing this people of its future is to be done by simply by signing a piece of paper.

It is something like the Jews who threw their gold into the fire from which rose the golden calf and like the Jews in Warsaw, Berlin and Amsterdam, who didn't vote to jump on the trains but hoped to buy the right to life by selling jewelry.

This is the meaning of the "peace talks". The Jews of Judea and Samaria are witnessing the construction of barbed wires and guard towers around them. These "peace talks" are like a musical soundtrack to the ritual sacrifice of the Jewish people by the clergy of "peace".

There is nothing rational in these talks and it seems that the Israeli establishment is victim of a kind of sorcery. Everybody knows that Oslo has become the grave of the Jewish people, that 2,000 people lost their lives because of it and 17,000 have been maimed, but the ministers, the press, the security apparatus, the courts and even some rabbis continue to feed the terrorist Moloch with Jewish children.

If you exclude the mass massacre and the slaughter, there is no other name to use for the "peace talks" other than future Holocaust. Those who celebrate the violence on the victims by downplaying it, those who wish destruction and eviction and dispossessions and call it "peace", those who impose a regime of Judenrein on other Jews, these people deserve to be compared to the Judenrat and belong to the Jewish line of Rumkowski-Katsner-Kreisky.

Now it is the "Jewish Council of Tzipi Livni".

The State of Israel always had two faces: one benign that fulfills the destiny of the Jewish people, and one predatory that makes it the only place in the world today devising ethnic crimes against Jews. 

"Peace" is a big concentration camp toward Jews are marching without even understanding it, sacrifying themselves on the altar of the compromise on life itself. The clergy of "peace talks" will soon understand that even the last border, the coastal region, the "blue line", Tel Aviv's outskirts, has been devastated by the cancer of peace of tombal stones. 

Because the more "settlements" uprooted, the more international pressure, and pressure from the US and Europe there will be - to uproot more.

There is now a sinister scenario similar to that preceding the Holocaust: the US Jewish leaders are silent bystanders or worst, collaborators; in Europe Jews-slur is again socially accepted and Jewish money targeted with hatred; a new Nazism has arisen, political Islam.

The "disengagement plan" calls for a new debacle. It is withdrawal to the camps, assimilation and exile. It already happened in 1492 and in 1943. 

Am I wrong?