Egypt's Only Option: Eradicate Hamas
Egypt's Only Option: Eradicate Hamas

Nothing moves in the Gaza Strip without Iran's say-so and hence Iran clearly directly sanctioned the Mansoura bombing. In fact, that's why it happened.
To the West, and most particularly to President Obama, the newly elected smiling and turbaned Dr. Hassan Rouhani has been on a "smile" offensive.  But to his Muslim brothers, specifically to his Sunni Moslem brothers, with whom Dr. Rouhani "shares" the special affinity of belief in “Allah”, Iranian president Rouhani has been on a different type of offensive.  With his Egyptian Muslim co-religionists, he's been on a murderous genocidal war-crimes offensive. 

In Syria, Rouhani's puppet Assad has invented a new form of urban warfare: indiscriminately dropping barrel-bombs which blow up schools with dozens of innocent Muslim children at a time.  But for Egypt, Iran has been busy training Muslim brotherhood terrorists in Gaza-proper to blow up the country. In the recent Muslim Brotherhood explosion of the Egyptian police headquarters in Mansoura, 14 Egyptians were murdered and over 200 were injured by Iranian-trained Muslim brotherhood terrorists.

Egypt's Al Ahram, just reported that:

"Egypt's Interior Ministry said on Sunday police have detained a Muslim Brotherhood member accused of attacking an opponent of the group in the Nile Delta city of Mansoura, adding that the suspect confessed to being part of a terrorist cell.

The ministry said in a statement that the suspect, Amer Mosaad Abdel-Hamid, confessed to having received – along with other Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood members – military training in Gaza as well as instructions on how to ‘target state facilities, wreak chaos across the country and disturb public peace and security.’"

And let's listen to what a Gazan tunnel worker has to say to a TIME reporter about Egypt's closure of the Hamas smuggling tunnels into Egypt (

“‘They [the Egyptians] are entitled to do this,’ says tunnel worker Ahmed Salem, 25, referring to the Egyptians. ‘They are entitled to defend their country [Egypt].  Hamas is the one who is responsible for this.’

"'For what?' [the reporter asked] 'Weapons,' Salem says. 'And the people who go through the tunnels to Egypt and kill their soldiers. Yes, it happens'.”

A late September 2013 report in the Lebanese newspaper As-Safir, said that in light of the Muslim Brotherhood's ouster from Egypt - Hamas, Hezbollah and the Iranian leadership agreed to form a stronger pact and to fortify the "axis of resistance."  Then, the Iranian-loving Hamas official Mahmoud al-Zahar declared that his movement had formed a joint command with Islamic Jihad, a more radical Islamist movement in Gaza and a close ally of the Iranian regime.  All were blessed by the newly installed Iranian president Dr. Rouhani on his Inauguration Day.

The bottom line is that nothing moves in the Gaza Strip without Iran's say-so and hence Iran clearly directly sanctioned the Mansoura bombing.  In fact, that's why it happened.

Turkey's Islamist Prime Minister Erdogan was also in favor of the training of Egyptian Muslim Brothers to massacre Egyptians.  But it all leads back to Gaza.  And as Detective Anthony Vincenzo "Tony" Baretta used to say, "Don't do the crime if you can't do the time, don't do it."  But Gaza's Hamas did do the crime and the Egyptians know Gaza's Hamas did the crime.  So Egypt had better dispense "the time."

After Mansoura, the Egyptians have only one immediate course of action: Obliterate Hamas.  Iran and Turkey are too far away to hurt.  Anyway, the best spot to harm the chain is at its weakest link and at present, Assad and Hamas are the weakest links.  Egypt can save the payback due Iran and Erdogan's Turkey for another day.  Today, Egypt should strike what it can, especially since Egypt can strike Hamas without the international law constraints Israel had to endure and can wipe Hamas off the planet.

If Egypt allows Mansoura to go un-revenged and unanswered, then the Egyptian Generals will be correctly seen as feckless by the Muslim brotherhood and Iran. Egypt will be seen as incapable of defending themselves against a clear external and weak enemy.  Such weakness by Egypt's generals against an easy target will inspire Egypt's internal, more difficult enemies to believe Egypt's generals are dead men walking who will ultimately fail to defend themselves.

When Egyptian bombs start razing the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood seaside hotels and Hamas headquarters, the Iranians will feel the earth shake under their feet in Tehran.  When the Egyptian Arab Sunni bombs wipe out Iran's Hamas puppet Assad, the Iranians will truly have something very real to fear:  an "Arab Awakening" to their Persian Hegemonic games.

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