Jews Die When the World Talks "Peace"
Jews Die When the World Talks "Peace"

If Mr. Netanyahu, Mr. Lapid, Mrs. Livni and Mr. Peres want to buy “peace” at the price of giving away the land and the dreams of the Jewish people for 3,500 years, they should take into account that they may have a struggle with the Jews. In this sense the “peace process” contains the chilling script of a civil war.

And there is hope as long as Jews boycott the betrayal of the land.

But the "peace talks" also denote a condition in which the Jews are prevented from defending themselves, while Arabs are killing them at will. Oslo, Wye Plantation, Road Map and the John Kerry plan are political experiments with Jewish human beings as guinea pigs in a laboratory.

A Palestinian Arab State in Western Eretz Israel will be the termination of the Jewish State. The Arabs only discovered that they were “Palestinians” after the Zionists built a state for the Jews. So why should the Jews be exiled to the Diaspora, in Tel Aviv or in the Philistine plains?

The “best-case” scenario of another withdrawal will see the “settlements” as enclaves surrounded by the Palestinian Authority, as was the wonderful village of Netzarim in Gush Katif.

Connecting Arab villages entails cutting off Jewish communities and enlarging the 'areas of refuge’ for Islamic terrorists. The terrorists also will be closer to the homes and roads of many more Jewish residents. In any case, this kind of “peace” means the end of Jewish life in the historical lands of the Bible. It is the end of post-1967 Israel.

The "settlers’" public committees should distribute  millions of pamphlets containing maps of the various withdrawal proposals to homes throughout the country. The Jews must be aware of the treasure they are going to lose if Israel implements this madness. Because the death Israel is preparing for "the settlers" is death by strangulation.

The talks about the two-digit borders is a spectacle reminiscent of the Holocaust. Except for the bloodshed, if you consider the mass expulsion of a Jewish population and the annihilation of an entire Jewish civilization in Judea and Samaria, there is no other name for it. Not only because “peace process” means the expulsion of more than 100.000 Jews, but also because the terrorists during the talks will rev  themselves up to kill more Israelis. Jews die when the rest of the world talks “peace”. 

The Arabs are tirelessly killing the Jews in front of the CNN, the BBC and the CBS cameras and on the world’s frontpages...
The Arabs are much more subtle than the Nazis were. So while the Nazis implemented their “final solution” in secrecy, planning it during the Wansee’ conference in a villa outside of Berlin, the Arabs are tirelessly killing the Jews in front of the CNN, the BBC and the CBS cameras and on the world’s frontpages. They even got a seat in Washington. 

After Germany’s defeat, Marshal Keitel, then German chief of Staff, was asked: “Would the Reich have attacked Czechoslovakia in 1938 if the Western Powers had stood by Prague?”. “Certainly not” was his answer.

Repeating what happened to Czechoslovakia in 1938, in 2013 the Western democracies are betraying the tiny State of Israel. And the Palestinian Arabs are no more likely to preserve the peace after Israel’s withdrawal from the territories than Nazi Germany was after the democracies offered it the Sudetenland on a silver platter. The Palestinian Arabs want to create a state west of the Jordan as a springboard from which to eliminate Israel.

The main difference is that while the Germans used gas, the Arabs would probably prefer knives to finish the job.

A fiendish aspect of the Nazi war on the Jewish people was the scheme to dupe the Jews into cooperating in their own destruction. This is the real irony of “Israeli officials” now praising Obama and Kerry’s efforts and opening the door to the Holocaust denier Mahmoud Abbas. 

The “peace process” is going to create a nine mile wide concentration camp. Stop it now, or one day the Diaspora Jews will have to create a second Holocaust Museum.