Tisha B'Av and Jewish Destiny
Tisha B'Av and Jewish Destiny

In war, you have no future. On the battlefield, you understand the past.  You live in the present. But the present before you is too filled with confusion to tell you anything meaningful—except, perhaps, how uncertain is your survival. The present holds little promise for you; essentially, you have no future.

In war, you think about where you are and what you are supposed to do. That’s all. You do not think about tomorrow. There is no tomorrow. There is only Destiny.

Destiny is not the future. It is instead a unique state of being  that transcends future. It is a destination you do not control because it is pre-ordained. In battle, you watch how future fails and Destiny unfolds. You see what the rest of us fail to see: life is a chain of events that lead to a singular end. It is an end you cannot stop.

This is what we see in Israel today—individual events that appear seemingly unconnected, but which in reality are links in a single chain that pulls us to a singular national Destiny. We can see this because Israel is at war.

The US Secretary of State, John Kerry, pressures Israel for concessions—but says nothing negative about Arab intransigence. Representatives of the European Union speak with frustration and contempt about Israel—and say nothing critical about Arab racism and Jew-hate. The United Nations willingly pays for vicious anti-Israel, Jew-hating educational materials for Arab children, then censures Israel more than all other UN Members combined. Liberal Jews in Israel and the United States demand that Israel surrender to Arab ‘peace’ conditions immediately--and ignore  Arab propaganda that dehumanizes Israelis by calling Jews apes and monkeys—though sometimes, they do not do that.  Sometimes, they just call Jews apes and pigs.

This is war. This is how nations attack Israel. It is how they tell Israel, ‘you have no future.’

Israel is the world’s only Jewish State. But Arabs argue it has no right to exist. Muslims chant this in song. Leftists support it. Even Jews join in. They demand that everything ‘Jewish’ be removed from the Jewish State.

With such hate, Israel is reviled by its own, scorned by others. Within such a world, Israel has no ‘Jewish’ tomorrow. Its tomorrow is to be, ‘Arab Palestine’.

The world sees ‘Palestine’ in its future, not Israel. The world wants a ‘Palestine for peace,’ not a peace with Israel.  But there is no peace when your neighbours call you apes and pigs. There is no future when Arabs teach their children songs that ask, ‘where is the fear of allah in Jerusalem, which has been defiled by Zionists?’ (Palestine Media Watch, PMW Bulletins, Hate speech for kids by the PA, Itamar Marcus and Nan Jacques Zilberdik, ‘Jews are allah’s enemies…the sons of pigs’ July 8, 2013). There is no tomorrow when no one cares if your blood runs in the street.

Israel has a past. It has a present. But it has no future. Ask the ‘Palestinians’; ask the Left-wing Jew in Israel or America who supports BDS--the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions industry; ask most Members of the United Nations: Israel  must become ‘Palestine’.

But if Israel has no future, that is because it has a Destiny. Israel has no future because it does not exist to have a future. It exists to fulfil its Destiny.

Our Destiny is to reveal to the world the glory of the G-d of Israel. Our Destiny is to become the focus of the world. Our Destiny is to have the nations of the world look at us in awe.

We are almost there. We are at stage-center. Everyone looks at us. Everyone talks about us. Although what we see right now is almost totally anti-Israel, this hostility is not the beginning-of-the-end for the Nazi-Zionist; it is instead the emotional and political catalyst for drawing the world’s attention to Zion.

Decision-by-decision, speech-by-speech, the pre-ordained stage is being set.  The players turn to Jerusalem. They speak. Destiny unfolds. You cannot stop it.

 The Prophets of our Tanach (Jewish Bible) wrote about this unfolding more than 2,500 years ago. Do you see the stage? Do you see what unfolds?

This week, Jews around the world observe Tisha B’Av--the Ninth day of the Hebrew month called, Av. This is a day of Jewish mourning. It reminds us that, throughout history, nations have risen to declare that Israel and the Jew have no future. Babylonia, Rome, Assyria, Greece and Nazi Germany have, like the modern Arab and his enablers, all made such a declaration. But what they all forget—and what Jews remember on this Ninth of Av—is that Israel is not a nation with a future. It is a nation with a Destiny.

We should remember that on Tisha B’Av.