Peace Now Becomes Blatantly Anti-Semitic
Peace Now Becomes Blatantly Anti-Semitic

We all know "Peace Now" as the hardcore anti-Israel far-Leftist organization that is soft on terrorism and hard on any Jews daring to move into "Arab neighborhoods" where "they do not belong."   But there is increasing evidence that Peace Now is an anti-Semitic organization.

Take for example the Op-Ed in Haaretz today (Hebrew only, as if often done when articles are too hardline for overseas Jewish readers to stomach, at by one Dror Etkas. He is a senior Peace Now honcho, and runs the tattletale "Settlement Monitor Staff" at Peace Now, set up by the radical anti-democratic Amiram Goldblum, the person who initiated and ran a recent pseudo-poll claiming to show that most Israeli Jews favor apartheid.

Etkas has an Op Ed entitled "The Jews are hardly Repairers of the World" in the print edition of Haaretz, although the Hebrew web edition softened the title a little and changed it to "Jews can also be racists."

(At Haaretz and in the rest of the anti-Israel Left, "racism" is a term that is used to describe any Jew who thinks Jews have the right to defend themselves and never is used to describe Arab genocidal fascism and terrorism.)

So Etkas is saying that the problem is not just Zionism, it is Judaism. His mocking Jews for being insufficiently "world repairing" is a rather pathetic aping of the practice of the assimilationist Jewish liberals in the US to mis-define "Tikkun Olam" or "Repairing the World" as referring to the need for all Jews to be liberals/leftists.  In fact, Tikkun Olam is a rabbinic term used to mean ridding the world of paganism, and Peace Now may be one of the examples of paganism that those seeking world repair should see is removed.

Anyway, his Op-Ed is an attack against fellow leftist Michael Sfard, a radical leftist lawyer and activist in the far left Association for Civil Rights in Israel, who often represents Peace Now in the courts. Sfard's sin was to claim that Jews invented the code of universal ethics while this code is being demolished by Israel's awful "occupation."  Etkas is enraged by that claim of Sfard's because he insists that Jews never really advocated any universal ethics to begin with.   Etkas stops short of accusing the Jews of poisoning the wells and drinking blood on Passover.

For every quote one can come up with that shows that throughout the ages Jews were enlightened and sensitive, Comrade Etkas claims that one can come with an opposing quote that shows the opposite.  For every Jewish liberal who fought for civil rights in the US or against South African apartheid, he insists, one can also find at least one Jewish racist who collaborated with racism.   Note the "at least."   At best, Jews produced a tiny minority of people who were sufficiently ethical to satisfy the sublime standards of this Peace Now leader.

Take Algeria in the 1870's, he says.  When the French imposed their own apartheid regime over Algeria, lots of local Jews there applied for French citizenship and "collaborated" with the colonialist regime.  That pretty much proves to Etkas that most Jews are moral cockroaches.   Then there were the Sephardic Jewish racists in Bordeaux in France who opposed liberation for the Ashkenazim Jews in France at the time of the French Revolution.  More cockroaches!  (Actually it is amusing hearing someone on the Left and in Haaretz complain about anti-Ashkenazi "racism" among Sephardim.)

While Jews were at times over-represented among the moral good guys in society (does he mean the Bolsheviks?), the Jews were also generally over-represented among the racist evil oppressors of society (did he count the number of Jewish czars who ruled in Russia?)!  Thus any idea that Jews can serve as a beacon of morality to the nations is absurd, insists Etkas.

In fact things are even worse than that.  The Book of Joshua in the Bible, says Etkas, proves how Jews are violent and genocidal and oppressors and lovers of occupation. So there!

He is upset that so few Jews are willing to struggle for the "rights" of non-Jewish "oppressed groups," but ignores the hordes of assimilationist liberals among the Jews who are ONLY willing to fight for the "rights" of non-Jewish "oppressed groups" but never for the rights of Jews.   In other words, Jews like the members of Peace Now.

The open anti-Semitism now emerging from Peace Now is extremely dangerous, but is also very important.  Since Israel has an anti-racism law on its books, one never applied to anyone except right-wing Jews, the time has come to proclaim Peace Now an illicit racist organization, and maybe even to ban it .