Iran Toppled Mubarak
Iran Toppled Mubarak

Winston S. Churchill, in his The World Crisis, Volume Five, described Germany's involvement in the Russian Revolution in April 1917 as follows:

“In the middle of April [1917] the Germans took a sombre decision. Ludendorff refers to it with bated breath. Full allowance must be made for the desperate stakes to which the German war leaders were already committed. They were in the mood which had opened unlimited submarine warfare with the certainty of bringing the United States into the war against them. Upon the Western front they had from the beginning used the most terrible means of offense at their disposal. They had employed poison gas on the largest scale and had invented the ‘Flammenwerfer.’ (ML note: Leave it to the Germans to invent the "Flamethrower.")  Nevertheless it was with a sense of awe that they [the Germans] turned upon Russia the most grisly of all weapons.  They transported Lenin in a sealed truck like a plague bacillus from Switzerland into Russia.”

On April 30, 2013, the Israeli newspapers reported:

"Hamas and Hizbullah activists were involved in killing Egyptian protesters in Tahrir Square, as well as storming Egyptian jails and releasing political prisoners, during the early days of the Egyptian revolution, a former Egyptian minister said on Tuesday.

Mansour al-Essawy, who served as interior minister from March-November 2011, told the independent Egyptian daily al-Masry al-Youm that Hamas used specially manufactured darts with metal heads to kill Egyptian anti-regime protesters in Cairo.

Hundreds of Muslim Brotherhood prisoners broke out of jail just four days after protests began across Egypt in January 2011, aided by anti-government activists who engaged Egyptian security forces in gun battles. Eight prisoners were reported killed."

“'Hamas certainly had a large role in storming the prisons,'” Essawy said. “'All information indicates that members of the movement and members of the Lebanese movement Hizbullah attacked the prisons where political activists were held, smuggled them out, and then opened other prisons by breaking down their doors using trucks, as happened in the Abu-Z’ubul and Marj prisons,' he continued."

A poor, clueless Israeli reporter then lamented, "It was not clear why the Brotherhood or Hamas, neither of which overtly supported the Mubarak regime, would be involved in killing protesters in Tahrir Square."

Iranian-stooges Hamas and Hizbullah were on direct Iranian orders to topple Mubarak because Iran wanted Egypt...neutralized.
Well Sherlock, Hamas didn't murder the innocent anti-Mubarak Egyptian protesters to "support the Mubarak Regime," they did it to topple Mubarak by enraging and inciting the crowds.  The Iranian-stooges Hamas and Hizbullah were on direct Iranian orders to topple Mubarak because Iran wanted Egypt, the only Sunni, anti-Iranian Arab-Saudi ally, with 80 million people and a capable army, to be neutralized vis-a-vis Iran.

If during WWI the secular Germans risked "desperate stakes" to infect Russia with Lenin in order to neutralize one of its enemies, then in the Iranian war, to steal all the Persian Gulf oil reserves, the Iranian Mahdi fanactic Ayatollahs were willing to risk everything to infect and neutralize Egypt with Morsi.  And, Iran succeeded.

The Sunni Egyptian Brotherhood was only too happy to let Iran's stooges foment the originally secular protests to explode in size and topple Mubarak.  The Brothers knew that with their deeply entrenched and tightly-woven political infrastructure, they would take over Egypt.

 The Sunni Brothers didn't care how or who helped them get into power.  But the Brother's deal with the Iranian devil was a deal with Satan.  For, the Sunni Brothers may have won a Pyrrhic victory for the Brotherhood against Mubarak, but the Brothers lost the strategic war against Shiite Iran.

With Mubarak's topple, it was Iran, and only Iran, who truly can brag: Mission Accomplished.  Iran knew a post-Mubarak Egypt (whether secular or Islamist) would be rudderless in the coming Sunni-Shiite war.  Iran was exactly correct and Iran’s topple-Mubarak strategy worked.  For, Egyptian President Morsi has remained dead silent about the Assad's Shiite murder of 100,000 Syrian Sunnis.

What's more, the Brothers, themselves, now represent a mortal threat to Saudi Arabia from the Saudi's west, and from the Saudi street.   So, there is zero chance the Saudis will let the Egyptian Brother's Army onto Saudi soil to fight the Iranians.  Hence, with Iran's topple of Mubarak, Iran successfully toppled, divided, and conquered the Sunnis.

Now, was Mubarak a "dictator"? Yes.  Is Morsi, the new Islamist Pharaoh of Egypt, any less of a dictator than Mubarak?  No.  Were all the Egyptian Tahrir protesters Iranian agents?  No.  Were the majority of Egyptian protesters Muslim Brotherhood?  No, they were a very small minority. Were there any Shia Egyptian protesters?  No, none.  Were the vast majority, if not almost all the Egyptian protesters secular?  Yes.  Is the Egyptian economy, predictably, now in total free fall from a bunch of incompetent Brothers?  Yes.  Are the Egyptian secularists predictably totally excluded from any power?  Yes.  So, Mubarak's fall only had one winner: Iran.

A possible lesson: If the Iranians could topple a Sunni Egypt with a reasonably functional economy, just imagine what they can do in Turkey when 30% of Turks are a Shia-based branch of Islam, and have been discriminated against, and massacred by, the Sunnis for hundreds of years.

So, the Egyptian Brothers haven't remotely put "1+1" together yet to realize that Iran, through the pawns of Hamas and Hizbullah, was playing chess while the Brothers were playing checkers.  (As a historical footnote, the Egyptians appear to have invented checkers.  The game was originally called "petteia."  So, the Egyptians come to their simple-mindedness honestly.)

The Brothers better wake up fast, or Iran will have scooped up the entire Persian Gulf, have a nuclear umbrella to protect it, and extort the world economy to its knees.

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