Eric Yoffie is Clueless About Israel's Security
Eric Yoffie is Clueless About Israel's Security

Eric Yoffie is an American Reform Rabbi who is mistakenly herding the 6,000,000 Jews of Israel into yet another Holocaust.  He just wrote a delusional article entitled “Why U.S. Jews must embrace Kerry’s appeal to put pressure on Netanyahu.”  

I, in contrast, urge US Jews and Israel to pressure Obama to support Israel’s full retention of Judea and Samaria, Israel’s last defense against mass-murder by the Arabs and Muslims.

Here are the facts, you decide:

Mark Langfan, 12 November 1993 Full-Page New York Times Ad (8 years before the first rockets flew from Gaza, I solely wrote the ad, and paid for the graphics and Dr. Joe Frager raised the $40,000 to place the ad):

“1. 70% of Israel’s Jewish population and 80% of her industry will be within direct range of easily concealed and transportable Katyusha rockets. (See map.)

An autonomous ‘demilitarized’ Palestinian state, off-limits to Israeli internal security personnel, will be unable (and, in all likelihood, unwilling) to prevent the infiltration and use of these lethal weapons capable of carrying both conventional and low-tech chemical warheads.

The only recourse available to Israel -- and this only after many Israeli civilians have been killed --will be an invasion of the ‘Palestinian State’. This would result inevitably in a war involving combined Arab forces, and a firestorm of sophisticated missiles which would decimate a strategically weakened Jewish State.”

2. Yitzchak Rabin, 1995:

"“The terrifying stories of the Likud are well known. They have promised us (that there would be) Katyusha missiles (fired at Israel) from Gaza…for a year already, Gaza has been give over to the Palestinian Authority; there hasn’t been a Katyusha, and there will not be a Katyusha, etc. etc. etc. All of these things…the Likud is scared to death of peace. They are the ones who are fearful of peace. This is the Likud of today.”

2001-2005: Crude Rockets are fired by Palestinians from Gaza and hit Sderot

2005: Disengagement occurs, and Gaza’s Jewish Settlers are torn out of their homes, (and shamelessly treated by the State of Israel like dirt until this very day.).

14 August 2005 New York Times news article: “Rabbi Eric Yoffie, president of the Union for Reform Judaism and a supporter of the pullout, has criticized the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations, of which he is a member, for failing to lobby more effectively for disengagement.”

2006-2013: Due to the Gaza “Disengagement,” which Yoffie “supported,” the Palestinians were able to smuggle even better Katyushas into Gaza, and were able to hit Ashkelon, and recently Tel Aviv.

Reform Rabbi Yoffie, 7 June 2013 Ha’aretz op-ed article:

“But Mr. Kerry chose bluntness and candor on his way to an emphatic conclusion: “The status quo is simply not sustainable.”  This was a speech, it should be said, that was lovingly delivered; Kerry, after all, is a man with impeccable pro-Israel credentials, and his personal concern and devotion to Israel were amply on display.

While the audience was appreciative, his words will garner little support from the American Jewish right, which has been contemptuous of Kerry’s efforts from the beginning. Its leaders are convinced that the peace Kerry is so aggressively advocating can never be reached.”

Now, who are you going to believe, a Yoffie-termed “contemptuous” New York real estate attorney who publicly warned Israel against a “Demilitarized” Palestinian State’s Katyusha rockets 8 years before they began to rain down on Israel, or a rabbi who in his sacred and trusted position as the “President of the Union of Reformed Judaism” in the Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish Organizations actively advocated for a Gaza retreat 4 years after the Katyusha rockets started flying out of Gaza?

Rabbi Yoffie’s “strategy” is a guarantee of mass annihilation of the Jews of Israel.  Despite the fact that the Reform clergyman never has written a military article where he has correctly predicted anything military, he feigns an amorphous strategic expertise to give “life and death” advice to 6,000,000 precious Jews.  His past “advice” only proves he is, at best, clueless and not capable of making military or strategic suggestions to Israel about anything, let alone the suicidal “Two State solution.”  

Under Yoffie’s ‘You’re alone, you don’t have a choice’ rationale, Yoffie should have also advised the Jews of Europe to have voluntarily hopped on the trains to the Auschwitz murder-camps because ‘They were alone, they didn’t have a choice.’  

Kerry assuredly also warns that US carbon emissions are “simply not sustainable.”  So, we all should hysterically run from our homes, and move onto solar-powered houseboats?  Or, has the Kerry’s Senate yes-vote for Obamacare made American health-care more “sustainable”?

For, if  Yoffie is so worried “that the occupation of the West Bank” can’t “go on forever,” then when Israel has to reinvade the “West Bank” due to Iranian smuggled rockets that will certainly get fired into Tel Aviv, there will be millions more additional new Palestinians for Israel to unsustainably “occupy” then.  And, the extra million new “West Bank” Palestinians will then be armed with ten of thousands of anti-tank missiles.  So, Yoffie’s “rabbinic” advice of cutting off the leg - called the “West Bank” - will only militarily ensure the entire body of Israel will be annihilated. The “cure” will only guarantee the “disease” becomes fatal.

Reform Rabbi Yoffie is a “peace” fantasist-cultist who is no different from a Scientology fantasist-cultist, except he is unconsciously aiding and abetting the real Holocaust 2.0 of the Jewish people.  Despite Gaza’s 15,000 fired rockets,  Yoffie is irresponsibly merely parroting the cult-like “military” advice he has gleaned from delusional Israeli “Gate-keeper” generals who are themselves military fantasist-cultist-frauds.  

It seems as though these “Gate-keeper” peace-cult generals can’t earn an honest living.  So, these peace-cult generals, and admirals, have to defraud and brainwash millions of all-too-willing American and Israeli Jews into the cult of believing a “Two-State solution” exists to keep their “think-tanks” afloat, and overdrafts current.

I, all by myself, challenge Rabbi Yoffie, and any batch of Israeli generals he can corral, to a debate on live Israeli TV over the Auschwitz 2.0 of the Two State “Solution.”  

Until that happens, my advice to him, and his fellow peace-cultists, is they should first worry, and render “sage” advice, about “unsustainable” carbon emissions, and shut-off all their electrical devices, especially their word-processors.