Israel: SuperLand or RacistLand?
Israel: SuperLand or RacistLand?

RACISTLAND! That’s the Hebrew title of an article written by a Ms. Luci Ahrish and printed in Israeli newspaper Yediot Ahronot last week. It is a short, poisonous article written in the aftermath of a leftist-inspired ‘incident’.

Let’s for a moment visit the events which so inflamed the passion of the above writer and drove her to spew such venom.

Basically, there is a very popular amusement park called SuperLand, sort of an American Adventureland or Hershey Park. The children love it and the parents flock there with their brood for a nice day of fun and play. Or so it ought to be.

It seems that SuperLand directors implemented a schedule whereby Jewish families and children will attend on certain days while the Arab population will attend on the days that the Jews do not attend.

Bash! Here come the radical-leftists who grab on to this ‘separation’ as proof of Israel’s racism and segregation. Raising this incident on a flagpole, they tote this ‘racism’ to every corner of the universe as the leftist media, always thirsty for Israel’s blood and forever ready to accuse and degrade the Jewish nation, pounced on this ‘horrible’ incident as if they discovered a treasure trove.

Let me describe and explain to you the real meaning of racism. And if you want to debate the truth you are about to read, I welcome the challenge.
Never mind the legitimate explanation by SuperLand directors that it was done because Arab students have repeatedly spent the time there cursing, hitting, and fighting with the young Jewish visitors to the park. Never mind that the scheduling of separate visitations was specifically done to protect the Jewish children from the abuse, violence and general disturbance caused by the Arab children and their families. Never mind that the Arabs were not banned from the park. These excuses are not accepted by the at-your-throat media.

Justice Minister Tzipi Livni, who sees justice in two different colors, one for Jews and the other for Arabs, voiced her strong opinion and immediately set up a committee to monitor any such future incidents aimed against Arabs. (Yes, I said Arabs. For the moment, enough said about Livni.)

In her short article, Ms. Ahrish rips what she describes as Israel’s over-all racist policy as she dredges up certain incidents to justify her poison-pen. Jews spit on little seven-year-olds for not being properly dressed, she yells. The Jews discriminate against Ethiopians because of the color of their skin, expel from Israel children of foreign workers and in every possible way, discriminate against the Arab minority, she shouts. An article short in words, but long in hatred.

May I, therefore, take a few lines to respond in kind?

Racism, you say, Ms. Ahrish-Venom? Let me describe and explain to you the real meaning of racism. And if you want to debate the truth you are about to read, I welcome the challenge.

Racism, Ms Ahrish-Venom is a word and practice born and bred by Islam. Racism, Ms. Venom, is a written-in-stone tenet everywhere in the Moslem world. You live by it, you thrive by it and you kill by it. Newborns are bottle-fed the racism and discrimination the world of Islam cherishes so, starts there. From infancy, your children are force-fed the poison of annihilating the rest of humanity - whom you call infidels.

You hate Jews and Christians and you discriminate against them everywhere. Ninety-eight percent of all conflagrations throughout the world involve Moslem elements who are out to destroy the rest.

You despise and abhor the Buddhists and the Shintoists and you don’t particularly care for the different sects within your own religion. Shiites hate Sunnis and Sunnis return the favor while both are hated by the Salalafists.

And in which Arab country is the Palestinian Arab anything but a second class inhabitant? Racism, Ms. Ahrish is keeping the Palestinian Arabs compressed under the umbrella called refugee, refusing to allow any of them to become citizena so that they be able to vote or become a landowner in Jordan or Kuwait or Saudi Arabia.

Shall I go on?

Arabs in Israel are equal citizens with the right to vote, to protest, to work or to live on Israeli largesse. How many Jews are allowed entry into Saudi Arabia or Kuwait, Ms. Venom? How many Christians are permitted to show the cross in public on the streets of Yemen? ‘Jews are children of pigs and donkeys’ is a favorite phrase being heard again and again in mosques all over the world. That is pure racism, isn’t it?

How many Jewish parliament members are there in Egypt? (I forgot for a moment that there is a very slim possibility for a Jew to be elected to the Egyptian Parliament. The Jews were expelled and forced to emigrate so there are very few left.) That is pure racism. How many are there in Jordan or Saudi Arabia or Algeria or Libya? (There I go again forgetting my history. There are practically no Jews left in Algeria or Libya after being robbed, persecuted and expelled. Sorry.) How many are there in Jordan? None.

Let me remind you, Ms. Venom, that In the Israeli Knesset there are over a dozen Arab members who were voted in by the Arab population of Israel. Some of these elected Arab Knesset members spy for the enemy, support suicide bombers and rejoice at the murder of innocent Jewish children. They openly abuse their privileges granted to them by the State of Israel, privileges that grant them the freedom to spew the kind of distorted hate and misinformation you are writing about. This is freedom and privilege which they can never have in any of the Moslem countries.

Oh yes! Racism is the denial of voting rights to women in countless Moslem countries. Racism is keeping the women as lower class citizens by denying them the freedom to walk the streets unescorted and not allowing them to drive. In Israel, this racism doesn’t exist.

Let me go on, Ms. Venom and elaborate further on what racism and discrimination really mean.

Racism is demanding that the American-Jewish soldiers who risked their lives to liberate Kuwait from the maniac Saddam Hussein were forewarned not to pray, not to expose any religious items, not to wear any telling necklaces or other jewelry. Racism is the fatwa which decrees that any Jew who violates this discriminatory Islamic law is subject to severe punishment, perhaps even, death.

Racism is Islamic murderers who butcher young men on the streets of England or shoot down soldiers in Fort Hood, USA. It is racism combined with discrimination and coated with a thick dousing of pure hate which drives Moslem mothers to rejoice when their sons blow themselves up amidst innocent people.

Racism, Ms. Venom, is the fact that Islam is inherently racist against every other human being that it is incapable and unwilling to ever create, manufacture, produce, invent or discover anything which will benefit humanity. Racism is when the Moslem suicide killers target for murder the same doctors who saved their eyesight yesterday or their lives last week.

I understand that Israel’s racism fully occupies your time . I understand that Israel’s supposed racism is your agenda but I, fortunately, do have the time to look deeply into the other sides blatant and treacherous racism. Please do read on, Ms. Venom.

Racism is your selectivity in protesting the mistaken killing of an Arab child by Israeli fire while sitting silent as thousands of children are tortured to death in Syria. Racism is the blind eye in which you see (or don’t see) the racism being visited in Syria by one of the most rabid and bloody racist in today’s world. Racism is the butchery Asad is conducting against the Syrian people. Racism is the way he indiscriminately bombs, strafes and kills thousands of innocent civilians, his own.

How long an article would you have written if Israel was doing the killing in Syria?

Do you know why you have the audacity to spew your distorted hate? Do you know why you are unafraid to write freely? One word: Israel. Only in Israel can your kind of poison find itself prominently printed in an Israeli paper for all to read.

There are volumes more one can write about Islamic racism, but I think you get the point.

Last but not least, is the racism of Israel’s leftist media in letting you prominently print the lies you spout yet it’s doubtful that that same leftist media would print my article because it tells the truth. That, too, is racism.