Mad and Lethal Jew-Hatred Has Taken Front Stage
Mad and Lethal Jew-Hatred Has Taken Front Stage

We did not want to leave Egypt when we were Pharoah’s slaves; within weeks, we wanted to return. This longing for the place of one’s childhood, the smells and haunts and gravesites of our ancestors also characterized the Egyptian Jews of the 20th century.

It is human, understandable, to cling to that which is familiar, and to resist that which is new, foreign, uncomfortable, frightening.

But we are a people whose first ancestors, Abraham and Sarah, left town, left all that was familiar to them, and obeyed God’s commandment to Abraham: “Leave your land, your birthplace, your father’s home.”

But not every Jew is a pioneer or a crusader; not every Jew hears God’s command.

In my lifetime, the 850,000 Jews who were forced to flee Arab and Muslim lands in the 20th century still cherished the lands that had impoverished them, and that, for millennia, had tortured and murdered their religious compatriots. Moroccan- and Persian-Jewish cookbooks appear every year. Spanish music sings in my bloodstream, speaks of long forgotten origins. I am the daughter of Ashkenazi Jews, and yet I melt at Moorish arches, beautiful glazed tile-work, the sights and smells of a bazaar, the taste of cardamon and cinnamon in my coffee.

I write about the Jews of Islam in my forthcoming book, An American Bridein Kabul, especially in the chapter about the Jews of Afghanistan.

But now, as before, the times have grown exceedingly grave. A mad and lethal hatred against Jews is available 24/7 on the internet and in every language on earth; Western intellectuals, academics, political leaders, and human rights activists have joined forces with Islamists in choosing only one country and one people to hate and scapegoat--and for no rational reason: Jewish Israel.

Arabs massacre Arabs, Sunnis kill Shi’ia, Muslims kill each other and every infidel they can find—but it is only Israel who is demonized and boycotted.

Today, Germany has joined the selective boycott of Israeli products that are grown or produced or manufactured in Judea and Samaria, the "West Bank".. Germany has affixed a new kind of Jewish star on certain Israeli citizens. (Consider this a diabolical beginning of sorts.)

Mad and lethal hatred against Jews is available 24/7 on the internet and in every language on earth;
No one cares that Arabs are employed in the manufacturing process; that Israel has not only made the desert bloom, it has also been the most stable and most productive state in an unstable, illiterate, nihilistic, and unproductive region.

Most Muslim states are now either failed states or Islamist autocratic or Islamist totalitarian states. Gone are the freedoms of yesteryear in Muslim North Africa, central Asia, and the Middle East. The women are wearing black sheets again and being honor-killed in droves.

The Arab and Muslim world, which has long been judenrein, is rapidly losing its Christian populations. The lucky Christians have already fled. The unlucky dhimmis praise their overlords and scapegoat Israel as a form of appeasement. But Christians are also being murdered, sometimes in their churches which have been burned to the ground. Their Church has not rescued them.

Like Jews, the Christians do not leave. Where would they go? Who will accept them? What language would they speak? How would they earn a living in a foreign country?

As soon as Daniel Pearl (z”l) was kidnapped and be-headed—and became an iconic calling card of the death-eaters—Jews and other infidels should have known what was coming.

Daniel Pearl was beheaded in Pakistan. Lee Rigby, may he rest in peace, was beheaded and nearly dismembered on the streets of Londonistan on a sunny afternoon. Increasingly, the Islamists are plying their death-eating acts also in the West.

In England, where the hatred of Israel and Jews is beyond surreal, only a minimal number of Jews have left. Most minimize the danger. Some remain to document it. Some have grandchildren there, or real estate they cannot sell or jobs that are irreplaceable.

In France, where barbaric anti-Semitic acts, committed mainly by Muslim Islamists, have risen by 58% in the last decade (and this includes stabbing, torturing, beating, etc.), Jews have quietly and steadily been leaving. This is particularly ironic, since many French Jews are originally North African Arabs—and their new French enemies are mainly Arabs. However, both the Right Wing and Left Wing French intelligentsia are rooting for the barbarians. As is Charles Enderlin and the French media which support him on the Al-Dura Blood Libel.

Scandinavia is no longer safe for Jews and many have been leaving in droves. Jews now comprise .003 of the population in Norway; the Jews of Malmo, Sweden are down by two-thirds.

Yes, the anti-Jewish violence, often justified as “pro-Palestinian,” and perpetrated mainly by Muslim immigrants or “youths,” is behind this new Jewish Exodus.

Would I leave America? What would it take for me to do so? But really, the question is this: How many 9/11s, how many Boston Marathons, how many Ft Hood shootings will it take for America to change its policies and training manuals on counter-terrorism and immigration, and call the “war on terror” by its right name: A Self Defensive War Against Muslim Islamist Jihadists?