A Letter to the Syrian Rebel Forces
A Letter to the Syrian Rebel Forces

Dear Syrian Rebels,

I have strongly supported you from the very outset, unlike official Israeli government policy which is carefully neutral, so I hope you will consider my suggestions:

1) Don't stop repeating, "He who has murdered and massacred 100,000 Syrian Muslims in the name of Islam, is a liar. Nasrallah murderers Muslims on orders from the Persians, not from Islam."

For proof positive that Nasrallah is an Iranian stooge please watch video in report  linked here.

2) Announce and agree that "Tartus is and always will be a Russian Naval Base." Look, Guantanamo is still a US Naval Base 50 years after Castro took over Cuba, so why wouldn't Tartus be a Russian Base after Assad is toppled? And, emphasize that the new Post-Assad Syria will be a friend to the Russians.

3) Announce and agree that any Assad chemical weapons facilities will automatically be transferred to sole NATO or a UN command and control. Chemical weapons are extremely hard and dangerous to use even if you wanted to use them. So militarily, they are really more of a liability than an asset.

So spin military lead into strategic gold by telling the Allies that the rebels will immediately facilitate and protect US and NATO forces in the chemical weapons bases for those weapons to be destroyed.

4) Announce that the Shiite, Alawite, and Christian Arabs are not your enemy, but that the Persians are the enemy of all Arabs. It can't be repeated enough that "the Persians are playing all the Shiite Arabs for camels."

The key is to explain once the Persians have used the Shiite Muslim Arabs to murder the Sunni Muslims, the Persians will murder the Shiite Muslim Arabs next. For, "If a Persian can sanction the mass-murder of Sunnis, they will sanction the mass-murder of Shiites."

5) If the communist Stalin sat down with, and was an open ally of, the capitalist America and Great Britain, the Sunnis as an Abrahamic religion can sit down with, and be an open ally of Israel.

In fact, the very heart of the slogan the Persians and Nasrallah use against you is that "Israel must be destroyed." Unless the Rebels openly state "The Persians have poisoned Israel-Sunni relations and there must be peace between Israel and Muslims," you make it theoretically and practically extremely difficult for Israel to help you.

What's worse, you validate the Persians' - and their proxy, Nasrallah's - greatest rallying slogan.

May peace be unto you.

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