On the London Beheading: The Perfect Solution
On the London Beheading: The Perfect Solution

From the media:

Rage in London after 'Unforgivable' Beheading Two mosques attacked in confrontations throughout London following Muslims' murder of a soldier.

There is shock and fury in Britain following the gruesome murder of a soldier by Muslims in Woolwich, in southeastern London, on Wednesday. The murdered man was Drummer Lee Rigby, of the British Army's 2nd Battalion.

A British soldier was gruesomely murdered by – who else? – Muslims and there is shock and fury!

This entire episode and the response to it don’t register. Millions of Muslims were allowed easy entry to the land and the personal freedoms it offers. The doors are practically thrown open so the adherents of Islam, the ‘religion of peace’ can come in and partake of the democracy Britain offers. Thousands are brainwashed into converting to radical Islam and the spigot is open. And they, these Islamists, supposedly committed such a heinous crime in their host country? Hiow can that be? Impossible.

EDL (English Defense League) leader Tommy Robinson was among the enraged crowd demonstrating in reaction to the crime. He explained: "They're chopping our soldiers' heads off. This is Islam. That's what we've seen today... Our next generation is being taught through schools that Islam is a religion of peace. It's not. It never has been. What you saw today is Islam," he added. "Everyone's had enough."

Now, now. I believe we need to take a deep breath, exhale slowly as our enraged wits settle down to a calmer demeanor. How do we know that these murderers were really Muslims? Well, the video of the crime which was posted on Youtube shows clearly the bloody murderer and his brazen comments on the crime affirmed his religion.

Easy, now. One needs to learn a lesson from President Obama’s comments after the killing in Fort Hood (by a military doctor who ‘found’ Islam) and other murder scenes committed by killers shouting the name of Allah. “We are not sure,” commented the President. “..we shouldn’t jump to conclusions…we need to investigate and make sure.”

Remember to apologize, bow deeply and show respect. Just as Obama did. Just as Obama does.
And then remember to apologize, bow deeply and show respect. Just as Obama did. Just as Obama does.

Now that we blurred the perpetrators true identity, let’s simply proceed and explain how to ensure that such crimes do not occur again. Let us present a sort-of blueprint as to how Britain can suppress the anger and frustration being exhibited by her British citizens.

Boycott! This is the number one solution on the far and vast horizon. Immediately and explicitly, a total boycott should be declared across the land. England will boycott every Muslim University by not sharing any research or results, refuse to allow Moslem professors to participate in lectures, divest from Muslim investment projects and label every product that is imported from any of the Muslim countries.

Moslem entertainers will no longer be allowed to perform in England and British singing groups will immediately cancel their scheduled tours across the Moslem world. In addition, Professor Stephen Hawkins will immediately resign his position at Cambridge University in protest to the racism exhibited by these killers.

The UN Security Council and Amnesty International will begin a radical slant by issuing severe condemnations of the Moslem world and call on the world court in The Hague to indict those Muslim imams who indoctrinate the masses to kill and murder.

What did you say?

Oh I see! There are hardly any Muslim professors in any of the twenty-two Islamic countries who want to come to England to share the knowledge they amassed through years-long research and study. There are no such professors in any of those countries who have devoted any time whatsoever in the research for the betterment of humanity. Other than professors of hate and incitement against the Jew, the Christian and the infidel, there aren’t any other kind. So it’s ludicrous to cancel invitations which were never issued to people who simply don’t exist.

Entertainers? Which of the Muslim countries ever invited any of England’s (or any other country’s, for that matter) singers or actors to perform in any Islamic country? When was the last tour that any British singing sensation conducted in Egypt? In Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Kuwait or Algeria? You can’t recall? Don’t bother.

Other than hate songs calling for the murder of Jews, Christians and infidels, which always make the top-ten hate-list charts in the above mentioned countries and others, what memorable song ever emanated from the ‘religion of peace’? You can’t recall? How then will Britain implement a boycott of Muslim singers when such singers are nowhere to be seen?

There are products, you say, which Britain can immediately label as ‘made by Islamists’ and the British citizens will avoid purchasing them. That will hit the Moslems in their pockets, right? Wrong! `Please recall what product is imported anywhere in the world, which was ever developed, built, manufactured or invented anywhere in the Moslem world? Other than gas which is found in the ground and they use as leverage to squeeze the universe, what other product, pray tell, is imported from any of the countries in the Moslem world?

But, of course, they have a product. In fact there are at least two. One must consider the abundant exportation of hate as a product. The energy, money and methods of murder and blood-spilling has been exquisitely developed, refined and fine-tuned by the Moslem world to the level of non-competition and they export that product to the rest of the world. Other than these products and the by-products, what else have they exported?

And you want the UN and Amnesty International to take note and issue condemnations? Are you for real?

The bottom line is simple. Go back to the tried and true solutions.

Since none of the above proposals to combat the Islamic terror is feasible, but England is still determined to fight the terrorism unleashed by the ‘religion of peace,’ it needs to continue on its proven path of success; namely it needs to continue on the path of accusing, condemning, ostracizing, boycotting, protesting, warning, chiding and threatening - Israel.

Now isn’t that the perfect solution?