Obama Morally Responsible for Shedding of Jewish Blood
Obama Morally Responsible for Shedding of Jewish Blood

Before the establishment of Israel, the Arab mob, usually after the Friday prayer in the mosques, would attack defenseless Jews in Safed, in Tiberias and Jerusalem, as well as innocent passengers on the roads. In 1929, they massacred the Jews of Hevron and the Nissan Beck neighborhood of Jerusalem.

The Arabs often used a kitchen knife. That is not a simple act of murder; it is a humiliating killing - like slaughter. It is a beastly assassination which is expected to bring to mind the defenseless tied-up animal under the knife of the slaughterer.

It happened again this week, another Israeli civilian has been knifed to death in Samaria. Who is responsible for his barbaric murder? The despicable Arab who killed another pious Jew, of course.

But the moral fault for the assassination of another “settler” is that of Barack Hussein Obama.

It is not hard to imagine the White House’s declaration after the last attack at the Tapuah Junction, like the one released after the Fogels’ massacre in Itamar: “We condemn in the strongest possible terms the murder of Israelis. We call on the Palestinian Authority to unequivocally condemn this terrorist attack”.

Under Obama’s Administrations, a malignant growth has raised its ugly head: anti-Jewish legislation in Judea and Samaria, “the occupied territories”.

Obama’s freeze of Jewish life in Judea and Samaria has strengthened the Arabs’ contention that Jewish presence in the land can be rolled back by force. By imposing a freeze on “settlement”, Obama sent Israel’s enemies the message that this is a right which the Jews are willing to waive under force.

And to send such a message is to invite more violence.

Obama said it in Jerusalem, where he spoke in front of an Israeli parterre: “See the world through the eyes of Palestinians”. And "peace must not be made through occupation".

Obama, who has urged Israel to put herself in the shoes of the Palestinians, not only backs the Arabs; he identifies with them.

Obama always acted as if there are two kinds of terror: “international terror”, against which the White House is fighting with drones, Guantanamo and targeted killings; and “national” terror, such as that between Israel and the Arabs. The latter is a different kind of terror, in the face of which the Israelis must retreat in a series of “disengagements”.

In the first two years of the Second Intifafa, shots were fired at passing vehicles 2,199 times in Judea and Samaria, roadside bombs were detonated 1,091 times, shots were fired at “settlements” 739 times, more than 1,800 grenades were thrown at soldiers and civilians. But in the past there were more benign and supportive US Administrations when Jews were gunned down in the roads. Now it seems that there Jewish blood is cheap in the White House.

When Obama visited the State of Israel this past March, the President boycotted the Israeli students from Ariel University, treating them like pariahs.

In this , the White House sent a clear message to the Palestinian Arabs and the Islamic savages: the post-1967 settler Jews’ blood is not red like yours. You can spill it.

Obama painted “the settlers” as being separate from Klal Yisrael and branded their villages as “illegal”. He poisoned the atmosphere and facilitated the killings of these "settlers".

He called for the implementation of UN Resolution 181 – Israel's withdrawal to the 1947 borders (evacuation from Nahariya, Acre, Nazareth, Jaffa, Ashdod, Ashkelon, Kiryat Gat and Be'er Sheva). Within Obama's "temporary Palestinian borders", 100,000 Jews would be expelled. The borders would require an additional 200,000 to be expelled.

Obama served the “Israeli settlers” to their enemies on a silver platter. The President who used the Newtown tragedy to push for gun control is deaf and blind to the slaughtering of a humble Jew named Evyatar Borovsky.

Ask any Obama’s advisor (preferably a Jewish one) and you will discover that the killing of Jews in “Falastin” is not considered real terrorism in Washington; it is, well, an “armed struggle against occupation”. This is  what the Arabs have claimed for over 100 years using a  knife.

The destruction of Israel is the final goal of Palestinian terrorism, just as the destruction of the Jews was Hitler’s “Final Solution”. Obama is guilty for pogroms in Judea and Samaria. Historians will confirm, to our regret, that he is.

In the meantime, Israel buried another of its sons today, another name on the list of some 1,800 peace victims.