Assad's al Qaeda murdered 1,770 US Soldiers in Iraq
Assad's al Qaeda murdered 1,770 US Soldiers in Iraq

The headlines blare "Syria calls on UN to recognize Rebels' al-Qaeda Links." The sub-headline pronounces "Syria has urged the United Nations Security Council to class the al-Nusra Front as a group linked to al-Qaeda."

The problem is the group most "linked to al-Qaeda" boomerangs directly back to Syrian “President” Bashar al-Assad himself. For it is Bashar al-Assad who personally authorized thousands of al Qaeda terrorists from 2003 to 2010, to transit through Syria into Iraq, who proceeded to murder and maim thousands of precious American soldiers in Iraq with IEDs.

Like Lady Macbeth on steroids, Bashar al-Assad's hands are indelibly coated with the blood of precious US soldiers. Assad’s murder of US troops will never be forgotten, and will now, very shortly, come to drown Assad directly.

Yes, Bashar Al-Assad, the "London-trained" ophthalmologist who took the Hippocratic Oath (more like the hypocritic oath). Assad, whom then-Senator, now-Secretary of State, Kerry described in 2010 as, “an essential player in bringing peace and stability to the region." Al-Assad, the Shiite Alawite, the bloody partner of the Sunni al Qaeda?

Langfan-crazy-talk again!

Except, the one person in the world who most directly knows that Bashar al-Assad knowingly funneled al Qaeda terrorist murderers into Iraq through Syria, was none other than the Syrian Ambassador to Iraq after and during the 2003 American invasion of Iraq, named Nawaf Fares. And Nawaf Fares who defected in July 2012, stated in a Telegraph interview that:

“‘After the invasion of Iraq in 2003, the regime in Syria [Assad] began to feel danger, and began planning to disrupt the US forces inside Iraq, so it [Assad] formed an alliance with al-Qaeda,’ he said. ‘All Arabs and other foreigners were encouraged to go to Iraq via Syria, and their movements were facilitated by the Syrian government [Assad]. As a governor at the time, I [Fares] was given verbal commandments that any civil servant that wanted to go would have his trip facilitated, and that his absence would not be noted. I believe the Syrian regime [Assad] has blood on its hands, it should bear responsibility for many of the deaths in Iraq.’

He himself [Fares], he added, knew personally of several Syrian government ‘liaison officers’ who still dealt with al-Qaeda. ‘Al-Qaeda would not carry out activities without knowledge of the regime[Assad],’ he said. ‘The Syrian government [Assad] would like to use al-Qaeda as a bargaining chip with the West – to say: 'it is either them or us'.’" (Bracketed name [] added for clarity.)

Nothing moves in Syria, let alone al Qaeda terrorists, without Bashar al-Assad’s absolute knowledge and approval. So, the real al Qaeda-enabling US troop murderer in Iraq was none other than Bashar al-Assad himself.

Assad assumed the Syrian presidency in 2000 from his genocidal mass-murdering father Hafez al-Assad whose sole claim to fame (and qualification as "Peace Partner" to Israeli retreatists) was his mass-murder of 40,000 Sunnis in Hama in 1982.

So Bashar al-Assad, and not his father, was 100% responsible for al-Assad's policy of murdering US troops in Iraq that started in 2003. Therefore, the United Nations Security Council should try, link, and convict the real US troop murderer, war criminal, and master al Qaeda terrorist director: the one, and only, Bashar al-Assad.

Bashar al-Assad's Iraqi al Qaeda IED terrorists alone murdered a minimum of 1,770 coalition troops and horrifically wounded and disfigured 14,055 other US service members. These numbers don't even include the 10,000's of precious American soldiers who have undetectable brain damage due to the IEDS. Nor do these numbers include the US soldiers murdered by the Syrian-transited al Qaeda terrorists by other nefarious means. Nor do these numbers include the 100,000's of Iraqi innocent civilians who were murdered by Assad's al Qaeda IEDs.

So, in conclusion, the very first person who should be "linked" by the United Nations Security Council to al Qaeda is the mass-murdering genocidal Bashar al-Assad.

The United Nations Security Council should, as the Syrian "government" now urges, "fulfill its role in preserving global security" by arresting Bashar al-Assad, trying him for the murder of 1,770 American troops, and mete out all appropriate and due punishment for his crimes against our precious US Troops and crimes for the genocidal murder of 100,000 Sunni Muslims in Syria.

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