The Sunni Jihad Against Iran has Begun
The Sunni Jihad Against Iran has Begun

On Friday, January 25, 2013, Sunni protesters were “blocking an international road linking Iraq with Syria.”

In plain English, that means the Sunni protesters were peacefully blocking Iranian arms shipments to Iran’s murderer-puppet Assad, this with the full knowledge of Iran’s other puppet, Iraqi Prime Minister Al-Maliki. The Iranian-controlled Shiite-puppet Iraqi Army opened gunfire against the unarmed protesters and murdered 6 of them.

The Sunni jihad eastward against Iran has started.

Where did this Sunni Jihad start? Well, Obama thought no one would notice that in 2009 Obama closed his real “Grand Bargain” with Iran. In 2009, without the world realizing it, Obama gave the entire country of Iraq and all its oil-resources to Iran. Obama had a deal Iran “couldn’t refuse.” It was simple, Iran keeps Iraq, and doesn’t shoot at the retreating American troops.

Obama also agreed to let Iran enrich all the uranium it wanted and build a nuclear bomb. The genius of the deal was that Obama just told Iran to make it look legit, to keep it secret. The sanctions are a total Obama ruse to make it look like he’s doing something when he knows the Iranian bomb is now a fait accompli. In short, Obama awarded Iran the entire oil wealth of Iraq for murdering thousands of American troops in Iraq with IEDs. As icing, Obama agreed Iran would acquire nuclear hegemony over the Sunni oil kingdoms.

History will judge that the death of America began the nanosecond Obama assumed the presidency of the United States.

However, there were three problems with Obama’s 2009 Iranian “Grand Bargain.” The first were the Iraqi Sunnis whom Obama double-crossed by installing Iran as their master. It was the ultimate betrayal. Instead of rewarding the Iraqi Sunnis for fighting with the US against al Qaeda, Obama insured they would be treated like poor prisoners in a country they once ruled.

Second, Obama also betrayed the non-Iranian puppet Shiite Iraqis who really wanted a democracy. Obama engineered that Allawi was entirely removed from all strings of power because Obama had agreed for Iraq to be an Iranian puppet.

As a corollary to the Obama Iranian “deal,” Obama hasn’t remotely helped the non-Jihadist Syrian rebels because Syria is also in the Iranian “sphere of influence.”

The third were the Saudis and other Sunni kingdoms which Obama turned from US allies to US enemies. The Saudis saw Obama hand Iraq to Iran, and that their urgent Iran warnings to Obama’s diplomats fell on deaf ears. They put two and two together, and rightly concluded Obama was never ever going to stop an Iranian nuclear bomb.

From the very start of Obama’s US Presidency, Obama’s foreign policy minions looked at Iran as a new USSR which could be contained the same way the USSR was once contained, using the same policy “tool chest.” This meant agreeing with Iran, like FDR agreed with Stalin, that Iran had “spheres of influence,” and was entitled to nuclear weapons.

Obama’s Iranian nuclear talks never had the urgency of stopping an Iranian bomb, but rather had the slow-as-molasses-in the winter-time feeling of cold war mutual disarmament reductions talks.  The difference is, however, that Iran is a modern day Hitler-resource-hungry military machine, and not a “cold” warrior.

Now, however, Obama Iranian “containment” chickens are coming home to roost. The Sunnis Iraqis are exploding against Obama’s installation of Iran as their dictator. The Iraqi Sunnis hate Obama and America’s guts for betraying them to the Shiites as he did. And the Sunni Persian Gulf Oil Kings see the Iraqi Sunni Jihad against the Iranian Puppet al Maliki as evidence that a good offense against Iran is better than a bad defense.

The Iraqi Sunnis, Shiites and the Sunni Kings all see how Obama will let al Maliki and his Iranian backers murder hundreds of thousands of Iraqi Sunnis and Shiites just like Obama let the Iranian-puppet Assad murder 80,000 Sunni men, women and children.

The Iraqi Shiites also hate Obama for pulling a “bait and switch” game of installing Iranian tyranny while promising American democracy.

In short, Obama has guaranteed that after the Iraqis free themselves of Obama’s appointed Iranian tyrant, they will hate the US and wage jihad against Americans for another century, if not a millennium.

And now the Iraqi volcano is about to blow Obama’s treacherous and duplicitous double-cross game with Iran to pieces.

BBC quoted Sheikh Ahmed Abu Risha, who chairs the Sahwa or Awakening Council in Anbar - a group which has proved vital in fighting al-Qaeda in Iraq in recent years- as saying that “the tribal leaders had given the Iraqi central government a week to bring the soldiers responsible for Friday’s deaths “to justice,” before the Sunni fighters started “targeting the army.”

Mr. Risha continued that “For, if the Iraqi government has not heeded our demand, we will launch jihad against the Iraqi army units and posts in Anbar.” Mr. Abu Risha read this statement from a podium in Fallujah’s main square in open sight to all who were in the mass sit-in. Mr. Abu Risha publicly concluded (just in case you didn’t get it the first time) that “We will target Iraqi army posts in all cities and towns across the province if the government ignores our demands.”

The Sunni Jihad against the Iranian evil and Obama’s malevolent policies has started.

Nothing Obama can do will stop it.