So What? The International Community Addresses Israel
So What? The International Community Addresses Israel

Get focused. Get on with the agenda and don’t complain. As it is, you are here only out of the goodness of our heart; your mere existence is simply being tolerated for the moment. Over the millennia we almost did you in, didn’t we? The latest attempt – a few decades ago - almost succeeded, too. So bow in humility and show a little bit of respect. Your understanding would be appreciated, your acquiescence is much expected.

What's the problem?

You say you signed accords and agreements? So what? How gullible can you be? You received assurances? You know as well as we know that all of those signatures and documents and pieces of paper were not meant to truly implement the agreements the other side made. You know very well that the documents were meant to curtail you, not the other side. You know very well that you need to be flexible, giving and conceding.

How else do you expect the other side not to want to abrogate the whole deal if you are not complying with it to the letter? It is you who needs to stay the course. It is you who needs to hold back, to keep calm, to restrain and to take more, deeper and far reaching compromises for the elusive peace you are looking for. Did you think otherwise?

You always knew very well that their word is meaningless; that our word has not much more sincerity than theirs. And if you knew that it’s meaningless as well we all knew, why the obstinacy? Why are you so demanding that the ‘other side’ adhere to its pledges? Why are you so insistent that the signature scribbled at the bottom of the page actually holds the other side also to some supposed commitment? It never did. Are you daft?

In spite of the terrorism, incitement and simple hate the other side exhibits on a daily basis, you did call the other side your ‘partner in peace,’ didn’t you? We do remember very clearly that phrase being repeated time and time again by your former and present Prime Ministers and Knesset members. We remember clearly how your President belittled the Jews which the other side killed and maimed by labeling them ‘sacrifices for peace.’

So they exacted more and more blood and murdered more and more of your fellow Jews in order to justify your own politicians’ words and thus bring peace closer. Isn’t it that much closer?

So you gave up Gaza ? You expelled ten-thousand Jews from Gaza? So what? We thanked you for the tremendous step you took for the advancement of peace. We appreciate it. And previously you gave up a good deal of land to the PA. Thank you again. And long before that you gave up the Sinai which has recently become a haven for terrorists. We remember all that and for the third time we thank you.

(And in spite of everything, you continue to supply the murderous regime in Gaza with water, electricity, millions of dollars from collected taxes….we never clearly understood the wisdom in that. But thank you for being a righteous fool.)

You are now angry and upset that the UN vote abrogated all of the agreements you signed with the other side for which you claim you gave up so much? Let us repeat what we said a few lines above: The agreements were always meant to be one sided and if you understood differently, you are the fool.

You thought anti-Semitism died after the Holocaust? You really thought that anti-Semitism will be stamped out just because…….because what? Because a few million of you were recently sent up in smoke? You really thought that the Holocaust will finally extinguish our desire to eradicate you? How long are you going to throw that in our face? Hitler failed…….others are quite willing to step into his shoes. So once again, don’t be a fool.

You know what? Let’s be frank. Let’s take off the gloves and call a spade a spade. Let’s not pretend any longer and let’s wipe away diplomatic niceties most of us are hiding behind. Let’s once-and-for-all put the cards on the table and be lucidly clear of what we really think of you and in the famous quote of that discreet diplomat who said it so eloquently; You are nothing more than a little s***y country.

Let’s be very clear and say it so you will understand. There are many, many more Moslems in this world and they are slowly – at times, quickly – infiltrating every one of our societies in Europe and elsewhere. They are quickly taking over most of Europe. So it is the Moslems we need to placate, not you. You Jews are a spit in the bucket and a pebble in the ocean. And in fact, were you to be extracted by the root, no one would miss you.

Your impertinence in the face of ten thousand rockets is despicable. Over the years how many were killed by these harmless projectiles? Were they a dozen? Two dozen? So what? Is that a reason to lose your cool? Your attitude is exasperating. Every time peace is about to break out, you insist on destroying that tiny prospect by launching another aggression. And what do you accomplish by bullying the other side? Don’t you see that whatever you destroyed we will rebuild, replenish and restock immediately in preparation for the next few sacrifices for peace? They have nothing to lose.

Politicians in Germany and in Denmark and in Norway and in England…in fact in most European countries…make anti-Semitic speeches and statements because unfortunately for you, we know these statements to be true. You Jews were always wielding too much economic control and strangling the world’s economies. It is clearly proven that Jews control the banks and manipulate American politics for personal gain, poison wells in Arab countries, deliberately spread AIDS to infect Palestinian babies, etc. etc. And……your long noses are breathing too much of our air.

Admit it. You know as well as we know that the Jewish Cabal has very long tentacles with which they are choking their neighbors. It’s clearly documented in famous books such as The Protocols of The Elders of Zion and Mine Kampf, among others.

The bottom line is that you are no innocent bystander. The land you are occupying is not yours. In 1948 we made a horrible mistake by giving you, the remnants of what should have been a total eradication, a piece of land to call your own; a piece of land that was not supposed to survive the onslaught of seven poor, undernourished Arab armies, let alone flourish and succeed.

You disappointed us. We voted for two separate countries, Jewish and Arab because we were tired of hearing about your slaughter in Europe. We voted to get you off our backs and to soothe the guilty feelings which you impressed into our psyche, by manipulating our better judgment. We realized our mistake almost immediately. You deserve what you get for insisting on living!

So, in 1948, we voted to give you that piece of land. And we expected the Arabs to crush you, get you out of our hair forever. You disappointed us.

Over the years we tried boycotts, more embargos and political isolations. Whenever you decided that your peaceful neighbors had tweaked your nose long enough and you lashed out in response, we made sure to stop your retaliation, condemn your reaction and curtail your gains. We did everything possible to take way those gains and return them to your peaceful neighbors.

So we voted for a non-existent country, not because we believe that they are really a people. They are not. We know very well that the so-called Palestinian Arab people are a hodge-podge of refugees, homeless, squatters, criminals and rejects from other Arab countries who have come together strictly for the purpose of usurping your history, your G-d given lands. We know that they are not a nation. They are not a people. They have no history, never had. We know all that.

But…do you know that? Do you know that there never were such people called Palestinians? Do you know that nowhere in the annals of history was there a country or kingdom of Palestine? And if you do, why were you foolish enough to state that they have ‘legitimate rights and aspirations’ for the land?

Is this land yours or is it not? If it is, why are you willing to give it away? In fact, why did you give much of it away? And if they are a people which has those ‘legitimate rights’ which your own Peres and Sharon and Netanyahu and Olmert and Livini and so many of your politicians stated that they do, then get on with it and stop pretending that the recent UN vote has done anything different than what you intended on eventually doing . Namely, we set up the same Palestine which you were so anxious to set up, albeit a bit earlier than you planned to do it in any case. 

So stop moaning and get back to reality. Stop those settlements because we insist that they and nothing else are the impediment to peace. Stop insisting that you will not return to the 1947 armistice line. You will. You always change your position. Sooner or later you will change here too. And if you don’t, we’ll change it for you.

And stop insisting that Jerusalem is yours and will stay undivided. It’s not yours and never was. If it is yours, why then did so many of your politicians bluntly state that Jerusalem should be divided? In fact why were Barak and Olmert and Nitzan and Livni so anxious to divide Jerusalem and give half to the Arabs? Why?

Recanting now is useless. It’s been stated and repeated dozens of times so stick with it. We are. And you know that we will eventually vote to force your hand on this issue too and give it to the Arabs.

PS. The current punitive actions to punish the PA for going to the UN and abrogating their signed commitments are useless. Stopping the transfer of millions of tax dollars, building thousands of new apartments in the settlements won't help.

We, Europeans, in conjunction with the US will more than make up for that monetary loss. And we both condemn the settlements and will do all in our power to have you change your mind. We always succeeded and will again.

After all we are humanitarians sworn to the betterment of the world. And you are the impediment.