The Plague is Spreading
The Plague is Spreading
The Negev region has long ago become a Bedouin's scavengers heaven. Everything from traffic lights, fences, fire hydrants, military property and war memorials have been uprooted for their scrap metal value. The authorities have been helpless - or apathetic - in the face of this scourge.
So- surprise, surprise...the plague is spreading to other areas.
I am a tour guide. The last two visits with tourists to the beautiful and moving memorial to our soldiers and terror victims in the Jordan Valley held unpleasant surprises.

In August, I noticed that the large metal memorial to "Gandhi" was ripped off the wall.  Rehavam Ze'evi, known affectionately as "Gandi", was the Israeli Minister and founder of the Moledet (My Birthplace) party, known for his love of the land, famed for being the general who rid the Jordan Valley of terrorists in the late 1960's - and assassinated by them in an ambush outside his room in the Hyatt hotel. 

Many other metal bars with fallen soldiers names were ripped off the memorial wall as well.

I notified the authorities at the time.

I was there again yesterday and not only were the stolen objects not replaced but all the colored signs, with names of the pioneering villages of the Valley, on the path up to the memorial - were gone! Those signs were the settlers' way of thanking our fallen soldiers for their very existence in the Valley today.

I notified the authorities again and was asked, "when did it happen..?"

I wonder who could have done this..., and probably will return to finish the job.Anyone want to venture a guess?

Paradoxically, as the predator-scavengers exhibit an ever increasing disregard and disdain for the authorities and Jewish honor, our Minister of Internal Security urges his forces to be on heightened alert in these pre election days for "provocations from right wing elements".

Scavangers can bring whole clans to the polls and vote for "responsible" leaders.
But according to the powers that be, the nation must "protect itself at all cost" from those radical elements who would build and strengthen the Jewish hold on our land even as others are taking it apart piece by "peace."