A Letter to the Kurds: Don't Join Iran
A Letter to the Kurds: Don't Join Iran

Dear Kurdish People,

Five years ago, I sent a letter to Prime Minister Erdogan, and the entire hierarchy of the Turkish military, explaining how Turkey should not attack the Kurds of northern Iraq, and instead, should make a strong peace with you.

See actual pdf. www.marklangfan.com/6.4.07lettertoerdogan.html.

A story was written at the time in Turkey describing my letter to PM Erdogan A New York attorney's letter to Mr Erdoğan by Burak Bekdil


The core strategic reason I explained was that the Kurds were Turkey’s first line of defense against the Iranian monster that was about to swallow up Iraq, and head north to you, and south to Saudi Arabia. I reasoned to the Turks that the Kurds were Turkey’s first line of defense against the Iranian project. Therefore, I posited that a strong independent Kurdish Northern Iraq was in Turkey’s supreme self-interest.

As you are only too well aware, Iran has now swallowed up Iraq in at least its Shiite Southern aspects. But nothing has changed except the Iranian monster is now at your doorstep without an American Army to protect you.

You have also been delivered the miraculous blessing of Eastern Syria from the blood of the Sunni martyrs in Western Syria. This blessing is in no small part due to Turkish wisdom and sacrifice.

So you have a choice, either make a strong peace with Turkey and kill the Iranian project by destroying Assad, or kill a couple of Turks and have the Iranian project ultimately destroy you.

If you want ever see a Kurdish state that will survive into the generations:

  1. Stop every violent act in Turkey, and announce a unilateral cessation of all violence in Turkey.

  2. Announce that the Humpty, Dumpty of Assad has fallen and all the king’s horses and all the king’s men won’t ever take Eastern Syria away from the Kurds ever again.

  3. Tell Al Maliki if he continues to act like Iran’s little Hand Puppet that Iraq can trifurcate just as quickly as Syria disintegrated. Maybe even quicker.

Your greatest enemy is the Iranian project and your greatest ally is the Turkish State.

You will make the wise and blessed decision.