Needed: A "Voice of America" Aimed at Islam
Needed: A "Voice of America" Aimed at Islam

Can it be that Islam is in its death throes? This can make Islamists more dangerous than ever.

Nevertheless, if America relegates Obama to the political wilderness, the U.S. should go on the ideological offensive against Islam as it did when it inaugurated the Voice of America (VOA) and beamed its radio programs into Russia and the communist-dominated states of Eastern Europe.

The mere fact that Muslims are trying to stifle all criticism of Islam is indicative of a religion whose leaders are losing, if they haven’t already lost, solid confidence in the veracity of this bellicose ideology and of its hold over the Muslim masses.

A new and confident American leadership should not be deceived or deterred by Islam’s reputed monotheism, which in truth is a political ideology that uses monotheism as a veneer to win recruits to the anything but rational and humane tenets of the Quran.

After all, the cunning leaders of Rome also used the gods to extend their power over ignorant masses. The Roman Empire was a theopolitical tyranny. It eventually succumbed to a new theology, Christianity, which destroyed the Roman polytheism.

The lesson is clear.

With the ascendancy of Internet, the United States should broadcast, on land and on sea, a Voice of America and its video counterpart to the Islamic world. The “Voice and Video of America” should expose the backwardness and cruelties conspicuous throughout the Islamic world.

It should also contrast the respectful treatment of women in the Judeo-Christian world with the inhumane treatment of women in the Islamic world.

The “Voice and Video of America” should point out that the despotic character of every Islamic state violates the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

It should emphasize the fact that Islamic discrimination and hostility toward non-Muslims is a form of racism no less evil than the racism practiced by South Africa against Blacks.

It should say that Islamic racism should render Islamic states liable to expulsion from the United Nations—the fate of South Africa.

It’s important to bear in mind that Islam’s effort to stifle freedom speech is motivated not by offended religious sensibilities so much as by fear—a fear that criticism of Islam will undermine the power structure of Islamic states.

Freedom of speech via worldwide criticism of Islam will be more effective in the long run than economic sanctions and military action.