The Murder of Ambssador Stevens
The Murder of Ambssador Stevens

They killed the US Ambassador to Libya, Christopher Stevens, because they were outraged at the posting of a film which they say, insults Mohammad.

I would laugh if this murder wasn’t painful. Don’t kid yourself. They don’t need the film as a reason to behave like wild animals let loose. Any reason or, for that matter, no reason, is reason enough for these unreasonable murderers to let loose. They kill and murder and behead for a multitude of reasons, semi- imaginary or real.

There is no need to look for an excuse or a reason as to why they do what they do. It’s in the Koran. It’s imbedded in their religion. They don’t know any other way how to worship their deity except with the letting of blood, with the murder of innocents, with oppressing of others.

Innocence of Moslems, the short film was merely an excuse – not a reason - to vent their eternal hate. They don’t know anything else but the humiliation, subjugation and degradation of others. When did they ever apologize for denigrating Judaism, for insulting other religions, for destroying religious sites and artifacts of other faiths? Never will. After all, it’s their faithful duty as stated plainly in the Koran.

A religion of peace…so declared President Bush in the aftermath of September 11, 2001, the most disastrous terrorist act ever perpetrated and carried out on American soil. A dozen or so Moslem fanatics murdered three thousand innocents, in the name of that bloody religion, the ‘religion of peace.’ Three thousand people who couldn’t care less if Mohammad married an eight-year-old or took his thirtieth wife. All they cared about was to finish the day and go back to their loved ones.

The adherents of the religion of peace saw it differently.

No! It was not the supposed insult which allegedly outraged the mobs in Libya and in Egypt. No! It was not an inevitable angry outburst of hate contaminated souls.

Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton came out with another speech of appeasement saying that the Benghazi attack was committed by a "small and savage group.” In other words, the same tired line we are constantly fed, ostensibly that Islam is a religion of peace, continues to dribble out in ugly globs of pretense.

For G-d’s sake, let’s spell out clearly once-and-for-all: the murder of the US Ambassador was plainly and simply another piece in the game of Islamic quest for domination. The rioting and murder was not something a ‘small radical group’ decided to spontaneously carry out in vengeance over an insult. It was simply another moment where the global hate Islam has for anything that smells of morals, ethics, truth and love exploded once again in its most violent expression.

It was simply another violent act for no other reason than the violent act itself.

Anti-Semitic, anti-Christian, anti -West poison is open and prevalent in every aspect of Arab media across the world. Anti-Semitic cartoons, films and musicals insult Judaism on a daily basis. These are generally government-encouraged and sponsored. I don’t remember such condemnation by Hillary Clinton.

No, Mrs. Clinton! It’s not a fringe radical group which you want us to believe. Pull your head from the sand and look around. Take off the blinders before it’s too late to root out the evil.

Almost one-hundred-percent of the hot-spots of bloody acts of terrorism and murder all across the globe involve Muslims. In every country they have been admitted to, the ugliness of their hate emerges immediately in acts of sabotage, murder and intimidation. Moslems are thankless to their host countries; as the streets become dangerous and unsafe, the citizens of these host countries have become terrified from the sheer violence visited on them by those they so readily allowed entry.

The laws are flaunted at every turn, native women are accosted and molested, shops are robbed and in general, crime skyrockets. All, mind you, in the name of Allah.

And it’s always the fault of….the infidel, the non-believer.

Almost one-hundred-percent of the hot-spots of bloody acts of terrorism and murder all across the globe involve Muslims.
No it’s not.

Nursing Moslem babies ingest the hate with their mothers’ milk. They are fed a steady diet of the need to kill and murder and brutalize. Children of two-and-three-years are indoctrinated to despise the Jews, to hate America – the Big Satan – and everything western. School children are taught that dying is only the second highest example of Allah worship; second only to divine act of blowing one’s self in midst as many innocent bystanders as possible. And the mothers applaud and celebrate the bloody death of their offspring. These Moslem women actually look forward to having their sons blow themselves up to bits, as long as they take along as many lives as possible.

It is us, we, who need to take the blame for all of the atrocity committed by Islamofacists. It is our fault for enabling them, for emboldening these creatures to commit the evil they do.

When we have a president who apologizes for supposed wrongs WE committed towards Islam, we are at fault.

When Mayor Bloomberg allows a Mosque to be built on the hallowed ground where Islamic murderers killed thousands of people, we are at fault. Instead of rooting out the poison they spread, we embrace the ‘Peaceful Religion of Islam’ and overlook their criminal behavior.

This is unheard of in the annals of history.

So…yes. The murder of Ambassador Stevens will not be avenged. This lynch will go down as just another show of anger brought on, not by a reason but rather by the unreasonable need to kill. In fact, I’m bound to guess that President Obama will issue further apologies, grant more money and simply ignore the obvious.

Far from a ‘peaceful religion,’ Islam is a religion that teaches hate. A religion soaked in blood.

Why can’t we call a spade a spade?