About Those Africans
About Those Africans

The world has found a new form of Bash-Israel recreation, this time denouncing Israel for not being a gracious host for unlimited numbers of infiltrators from Africa. The "racist" Israelis have even held some noisy demonstrations in Tel Aviv demanding that the Africans be expelled. And a Knesset Member even referred to their presence in the country as a "cancer".

Meanwhile, the Israeli Far Left is continuing its campaign to flood Israel with Africans seeking the comfort and luxury of Israeli minimum wage work. The reason for the Left's campaign is its desire to see the Jewish population in Israel eroded to the lowest possible percent, with the non-Jewish population as large as possible.

The Left wishes Israel to cease being a Jewish state or possibly, any state. As part of this campaign, the far leftist daily Haaretz is running lurid sensationalist stories about how awful life is in Eritrea.

Why Eritrea?. Because most of the tens of thousands of "Sudanese refugees" in Israel are neither Sudanese nor refugees. The bulk are infiltrators from Eritrea. Most are Moslems and there is suspicion that terrorists enter the country among them.

Haaretz, the Palestinian newspaper published in Hebrew, is campaigning AGAINST efforts to block their entry and AGANST proposals to deport those who have already infiltrated. It is trying to play to the heart strings of Israeli bleeding hearts by reporting how awful things are in Eritrea. We sure don't want to send these people home to that, do we?

A few problems with this though. First, not a single Eritrean infiltrator enters Israel from Eritrea. Every single one of them entered from Egypt. So even if we were to take at face value the Haaretz "scoops" about the barbarism of life in Eritrea, none of that is relevant. Long before the infiltrators crossed the border into Israel they were enjoying the sunshine and tranquility of Arab-sprung Egypt.

In addition, let us note that once they reached the Sinai Peninsula, the Eritreans have alternatives to invading Israel. After all, Israel is not the only thing bordering the Sinai Peninsula. Why is it that not a single one of the Eritreans infiltrated into Gaza through those nice smuggling tunnels and asked for jobs washing dishes and mopping floors in those upscale malls all around Gaza? I mean, if life is so awful in Eritrea, why not seek refuge with their fellow Moslems in lovely scenic Gaza?

And why don't all those Eritreans entering Egypt just go to Libya, which is both empty and swimming in petroleum?

The other problem is that Eritrea is not the only country in Africa where conditions are tough. If every African living in an African country where conditions are nasty were to be invited into Israel, which seems to be the Haaretz master plan, then Israel will be a country consisting of 7 million Jews, 1 million Arabs, and 400 million

If Africans in Eritrea have things so tough, just why is that an Israeli problem? And let's hear no nonsense about the "Jewish conscience" nor whining about the pangs from history when Jews were refugees.

Aside from the fact that the infiltrators are not refugees, I have no problem with nice caring Jews ponying up thir own funds to fly all African refugees to nice wealthy welcoming places like Canada or France or Sweden or New Zealand. And thanks to global warming, just think about all the thawed lush land available now in Greenland. I am even willing to chip in for transport costs - and my salary sucks!

Or how about the United States, with its nice African president? How come it has not offered to take in all the Eritreans? Are they any worse than Kenyans?

The exception to my objections is that I would be willing to allow a few thousand Eritreans to remain in Israel as long as they are housed on cots in Shimon Peres' presidential compound in Jerusalem and in the Peres Peace Center. I bet we could fit 200 just in Peres' own private bedroom suite, with 60 more in the marble bathroom.

The Left and the anti-Israel media are whining that Israel's refusal to allow itself to be flooded with Africans is nothing more than the reflection of anti-black "racism" of Israeli Jews.

The fact that 50 countries in Africa refuse to allow the Eritreans to enter their territories must therefore also prove that they are anti-black racists as well.

And if "white" Israelis are so "racist," how come none of them complain about those tens of thousands of non-white Asian home-care workers in the country? Could it be because those Asian workers enter the country legally, work hard, almost never engage in crime, and generally leave when their visas run out?