Budget Priorities: Terrorist Wages or Electricity Bills
Budget Priorities: Terrorist Wages or Electricity Bills

Two  items in the news caught my attention on Tuesday, September 4th. They were in separate articles, but there is certainly a connection.

The Palestinian Authority owes the Israel electric company 700 million shekels. Israeli electricity bills have been raised recently. perhaps partially as a result of that, in addition to the bombing of gaslines from Egypt.

The next item revealed that the same money strapped PA, spends many millions on salaries and pensions for their security prisoners in Israel jails. The more years spent in jail the higher the monthly salary. Israeli Arabs get the most. Murderer Barghouti, with many life sentences, is at the top of the scale.

The sentence-dependent wage scale shows that the better one is at killing and maiming Jews, the higher the reward and esteem. PA budget priorities.

If this was not so absurd, it would be funny. The joke is on us.

The PA and its anti Semitic culture were not thrust upon us. Our government created the PA. And yes, hard to believe, the Oslo architect still is the number one citizen of Israel and is not shy about continuing to share his sage advice.

And so he and his fellow Oslo Messianics continue to hold on to the  faith of the "New Middle East". One is astounded as our very finest patriots are demonized by these Oslo desperados and  dragged from their homes to appease our "peace partners"  and make way for a "New Middle East".

Our Rabbis teach us that King Saul, when possessed by an incorrigible murderous jealousy, was cruel to the just, but showed tolerance to the evil Amalakite King Agog, responsible for turning many Jewish women into bereaved mothers, as the prophet Samuel said to the king.

Our leaders make the same  mistake today.

As Thomas Mann said, "Tolerance is a crime when applied to evil."

One can not be too angry with the Arab enemy. After all they are the enemy and enemies will play their role.  Does one get angry at a wild dog or a mosquito? No. One deals with it. It is he who lets the dog off the chain or opens the screen door to let the mosquito in that is at fault and deserves our wrath.

Arafat was honest about his intentions. On the day of the Oslo signing he said," Because we can not defeat Israel in war, we must do so in phases. We will use all land that we get as a spring board for other conquests. Then we will deliver the  mortal blow to Israel. " This was said in Arabic, not on the White House lawn

The Oslo architects and addicts just smiled. They were in control. Rely on us, they said.

The very influential extreme Left in Israel tries hard to obliterate Israel 's memory. They are tired of history. Shimon Peres tell young people history is not important. The future is. The "|New Middle East"  is.

Former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert once told an audience, "We are tired of fighting, tired of winning. Israel should be a fun place to live"

So - while the enemy is indoctrinated to victory, we educate to compromise, for submission.

We are taught that there is no longer a war with those neighbors who teach hate and death to us and that there  no longer is an enemy. At most, there is a "low level conflict" or a "situation" for which there is no military solution in any case. Our sworn enemies are described as moderate peace partners.

When these "partners" killed Jews, Peres referred to the murdered as the "victims of peace".  Someone should tell our president that murdered Jews are not a means to an end.

According to the politically correc Newspeak there is no Arab enemy - just faceless terror. It is as if the British, when blitzed by Germany would have said, " Germany is not the enemy, only the Luftwaffe"

This Orwellian thinking has caused very serious damage to our security but more, to our national, emotional well being.  It has led to the crossing of the wires of our self preservation instinct. The Oslo addicts and Shimon Peres as their high priest have brought us to the brink.

As the Kotsker Rebbe said," It is a sin to deceive ones neighbor. It is a crime to deceive ones self" 

And so - we continue to pay our "peace partner's" electric bills so they can use the money for more important things.