A Letter from the Ulpana Families to Migron's Expellees
A Letter from the Ulpana Families to Migron's Expellees

To our Brothers and Neighbors, the Courageous Residents of Migron,

On this difficult day for the Jewish people,  we are one.

Ten years after we moved into our neighborhood, built with the blessing and aid of Israeli governments, we experienced firsthand the sufferings brought on by the hatred-motivated verdicts of the radical fringe groups that have taken over the state prosecutor's office and the Supreme Court.  In pretending to uphold the rule of law, they have trampled upon both law and justice, destroying a lovely residential neighborhood in the heart of Israel and dividingd its population into two.

But how can we complain, when you have been the target of endless slings and arrows of burning hatred from those captive institutions, for those same  ten years.

No one can imagine, unless he has experienced it himself,  the daily fear and the nightly panic, in the knowledge that all the while, those who lust for destruction, jealousy and revenge  are plotting and connniving against us.

But we have found consolation in the midst of suffering, because we know that G-d's word will triumph eternally, and that He who returned us to our land will see to it that we come back to our homes once again.

It is enough for us to see how Ketsale's words "One Migron will become three" (a remark that infuriated Minister Benny Begin, who out of weakness, went along with those who wished to expel us from our homes) are coming true.

In the long run, the sufferings of the pioneers of the Ulpana neighborhood, Migron, Amona and Givat Assaf will be a springboard for developing the settlement of Judea and Samaria – despite the sorry weakness of the Likud government headed by Prime Minister Netanyahu.

Note, however, that while these are dark days for those who take part in the  settlement enterprise, that the most implacable foes (Yossi Sarid, for example, in Haaretz on the 9th of Av, Nahum Barnea in Yediot, on the 9th of Elul) of Jewish residence in Judea and Samaria have been writing articles that eulogize the idea of two states for two people., because at least 700,000 Jews now make their homes in the areas liberated in the Six Day War.

We can deduce from this, even though we are immersed in the difficulties we are undergoing,  that in the near future – and certainly in the long run – we will bear witness to how construction will flourish in our land, despite the Likud, and certainly once we have stalwart leaders confident in the redemption of Israel, in its past and future, fearless leaders who believe in the justice of their cause.

"He who mourns for Jerusalem will [one day] merit seeing her rejoice once more",  said our Sages, and Rav Avraham Yitzchak haCohen Kook zts"l, the iconic leader of Religiuos Zionism,  wrote that he who mourned the destruction can already rejoice in the present, because he has lived to see her being rebuilt in the midst of her destruction.

Let us look to the future and remember that you were the instruments of G-d's holiness, sanctifying the Name of G-d, and that the construction of three new communities - Migron, destroyed but soon to be rebuilt, Givat Hayekev and the new neighborhood in the town of Adam - are all your doing.

We, the 33 families expelled from Givat Haulpana, are forced to live in caravillas now, forced to watch the destruction of our homes day by day, as if we were in exile – but if  we look in the opposite direction, we can see the foundations being laid for the hundreds of houses now being built in Beit El..

We hear the holy melody of Eretz Yisrael's construction intermingled with the discordant notes of destruction carried out by the Likud government.

The contrasting views from the two sides of our temporary homes confuse the eye as do intermittent flashes of light and darkness.

We know that the redemption of Israel arrives step by step (kima, kima in the Talmud, ed.) and just as a gazelle leaps over the hills, appearing and disappearing alternately from view, so is the redemption hidden and revealed, hidden and revealed, but eventually  it breaks forth in all its glory.

The Israeli public, the settlers and their families in all of Israel have been subjected to much pain,  including the PM's declaration that he intends to create a Palestinian Arab state on our land  (2 countries for 2 peoples), the bulidng freeze for Jews only and the systematic destruction of all building starts during that period, followed by the de facto freeze of all construction (excepting the places where the government is unable to interfere) until the low point of Migron and the Ulpana neighborhood's destruction.

We believe that only if our leaders join together can we win. Our strengths in the fields of settlement, education, Torah study, the IDF, our pleasant and congenial way of life are known and becming more known to the Israeli public. We must strive to lead our long-suffering people instead of the weak-spirited leaders who have cut themselves off from our forefathers' traditions and therefore are in sore need of  a fresh spirit that will remind them of Israel's courage and steadfastness.

That is the lesson we must learn, so that our government will  build homes, not only in response for the murder of the Fogel family or for destroying the Ulpana homes. The day will come when the Prime Minister of Israel will not strike down the settlement of Israel, but will visit the pioneers who build this land to encourage them and lift their spirits.

Tichle shana vekillonteha, tachel shana uvirchoteha - May it be His will that the past year's harships fade and the New Year's blessings commence.

We must pray to G-d that He gird His people with strength and courage, and we must all return to Him with all our hearts to build our nation, our Torah and our land.

(translated from the Hebrew by Arutz Sheva staff)