Three Card Monte Happy Dance
Three Card Monte Happy Dance

The War of Independence for Israel in reality began on November 30, 1947, the day after the United Nations vote for the reestablishment of the homeland for the Jewish people.

Until the U.N. vote, the Arabs and their British allies had been on their best behavior … after the vote the gloves came off.

It should be remembered that the original agreement regarding the reestablishment of the Jewish State was previously confirmed under the provisions of the Balfour Declaration (1917) with the agreement being fully implemented at the conference in San Remo, Italy in 1920, under the powers vested by the League of Nations called thereafter the Mandate for Palestine.

In 1920, the homeland of the Jews was to be “on the banks of the Jordan River…” on both the west and the east banks of the Jordan. In 1922, Winston Churchill, the British Colonial Secretary and Alex Kirkbride, acting Governor of Moab, in disregard of Britain’s obligations under the Mandate, lopped off 78% of the land designated for the National homeland of the Jewish people thereafter calling it Trans-Jordan. … for Britain, one could only say, “agreements were made to be broken” and so the area left for the reestablishment of the Jewish homeland was only 22% of the original Mandate, the areas west of the Jordan river.

In 1947, Britain and the successor organization to the League of Nations, the newly created United Nations, again attempted to re-divide the remaining 22% into a Jewish State and a second Arab State. After the U.N. vote of 1947, with the instigation of the Arab leadership, Arabs who had been living in the area designated for the Jewish State were told to move to the area designated as the Arab State, clearing the way for five Arab armies to enter the Jewish areas to slaughter the Jews. In the interim, the surrounding Arab states closed all their borders to any Arabs trying to leave Palestine.

Historian Benny Morris, January 9, 2004: “The majority of those who call themselves Palestinian refugees never left the boundaries of the western Land of Israel in 1948.
The so-called “refugees” never crossed the borders of 1948!

The 1948 war in Palestine was a big story with hundreds of reporters from Europe, Britain and the United States on the scene. Today there are often hysterical memories by Arabs of the evil Jews pushing the “mythological” Palestinians out of their land where they had lived “from time immemorial”. Yet the obvious question is, if the Jews had violently pushed the “poor defenseless Arabs” out, might there be news accounts and articles attesting to these actions?

In the book” Battleground” by Shmuel Katz, z’l he writes, “… the fabrication can most easily be detected by the simple fact that at the time the alleged expulsion of the Arabs by Zionists was in progress, nobody noticed it. Foreign newspapermen abounded in the country… but even those most hostile to the Jews saw nothing to suggest that the flight (of the Arabs) was not voluntary. In the months that the flight took place, the London Times, a newspaper most notably hostile to Israel, published 11 leading articles on the situation in Palestine… in none was there even a remote hint that the Zionists were driving Arabs from their homes… Even more pertinent, no Arab spokesman made such a charge. The 2

Palestinian Arabs’ chief U.N. representative, Jamal Husseini, made a long political statement on April 27, 1948, that was not lacking in hostility toward the Zionists but he did not even mention” the refugees”… The Secretary-general of the Arab League, Azzam Pasha, also made a fiercely worded political statement on Palestine at the United Nations and not a word about “ refugees”.

When playing “Three Card Monte”, the question is always who’s the mark and who’s the con…if you tell a lie often enough…and so our enemies have.

Yet, interestingly, corroborating the findings from Shmuel Katz’s z’l exhaustive study of various news sources was our very own, less than Israel-loving, Chicago Tribune, then owned and run by Colonel Robert R. McCormick, a personage not particularly fond of Jews. If, as some believe, the Tribune is biased today, it was worse under McCormick’s ownership and so an associate of mine spent over two months at the Harold Washington Library in Chicago combing thru every back issue of the Chicago Tribune from January 1, 1947 through December 31, 1949, photocopying each and every article (over 420) about Palestine, Zionists and the establishment of the State of Israel.

Between 1947 and 1949, the Tribune had its very own Middle East foreign correspondent in Palestine by the name of E.R. Noderer. He was one of the Tribune’s most valued foreign correspondents and a loyalist when it came to the Tribune agenda. Quoting the Tribune’s own archives, “Noderer was in Palestine for the Jewish-Arab war, which saw the birth of the State of Israel.” In addition to Noderer, the Tribune had numerous dispatches from the Associated Press (AP) and United Press International (UPI).

From all these sources over a three year period – not one report – not one sentence –about the Palestinian Jews (as they were referred to) throwing the Arabs (as they were referred to) out of the country. The only sentence that referred to Arabs leaving was written by Noderer on May 10, 1948 under the headline “Palestine Jews Say Their Star Rose on Jan. 15” (January 15th is when the British Army left Tel Aviv).

Noderer writes: “One hundred fifty thousand Arabs were estimated (perhaps inflated) to have left the areas of Palestine assigned to the Jews in the partition plan”. That’s it! Would hundreds of news sources conspire to keep such an "expulsion" secret?

Why is it that all the “accounts” of the brutality inflicted on the poor, displaced “Palestinians” were, in fact, written years afterward by “revisionist historians” with an agenda?

Where was the need to establish a Palestinian Arab State from 1948 through 1967, when Jordan controlled the West Bank?

As the Muslim cleric Abu Hamid al-Ghazali, considered the greatest Muslim after Mohammed, wrote, “If a lie is the only way to obtain a good result, it is permitted. We must lie when truth leads to unpleasant results.” In Arabic the noble lie is called “Al-Taqiya”….

And in a miraculous conversion, famed revisionst historian Benny Morris, in a January 9, 2004 Haaretz interview stated: “The majority of those who call themselves Palestinian refugees never left the boundaries of the western Land of Israel in 1948. This has frightening significance for leftist intellectuals because it means the myth of Palestinian ‘exile’ is false, and as a result, the ‘right of return’ means nothing”. 3

Goebbels would be proud … If you repeat the lie often enough, people will begin to believe it, and so they have. Displaced refugees have been created where few existed in history. Al-Taqiya – the art of the lie…

It is not just on the street corners of New York that the game of “Three Card Monte” is played. In “Three Card Monte” – the con – is a con in which a shill pretends to conspire with the mark to cheat the dealer, while in fact conspiring with the dealer to cheat the mark. In the refugee game of lies, the shill is the head of UNRWA, Johnny “Quick-fingers” Ging and his merry band of Hamas pranksters… the dealer is the mythological Palestinian Arab refugees – the larger the number the more funding from the mark…and the mark is the American taxpayers.

“Three Card Monte” for Palestinian refugees is a con game in which the mark (the American tax payer) is tricked into giving aid on the assumption that there are more “refugees” getting more aid to split between the dealer and the shills, UNRWA and the Palestinian / Hamas leadership.

It was Prince Hassam bin Tal, the younger brother of the late King Hussein of Jordan who when interviewed on the BBC by Stephen Sackur on the program Hard Talk in 2008 made the point,

“We come from a Byzantine civilization, from centuries of dissimulation. I mean we Middle Easterners are professional liars.”

UNRWA and the mythological Palestinians may not be very good at math, but are very creative when it comes to multiplication…Remember their happy dance after two airplanes slammed into the World Trade Center. The poor Palestinian Arab leadership has been happy dancing on the American tax payer since the infamous handshake on the White House lawn 19 years ago, called Oslo.