The Iran Lobby in Israel
The Iran Lobby in Israel

The entire Israeli Left has by now morphed into a "Solidarity with Iran" movement.  It seems to be united over little else besides its desire to see Iran get nuclear weapons. 

Almost every single Op-Ed in Haaretz and half of its news stories these days are devoted to lobbying against any possible Israeli strike against Iranian nuclear facilities.  A petition by 300 of Israel's "intellectuals" just called upon Israeli pilots to refuse to participate in any Israeli strike against Iran. 

Among those signers was the ex-Dean of the Law School at Tel Aviv University, a chronic contender for a Supreme Court judgeship, Prof. Menachem Mautner.   No doubt this will earn him a seat on the Court as the next Likud appointee,  Perhaps he thinks his law school building will be invulnerable to nuclear weapons. 

The new Dean of Law at the Hebrew University, Prof. Yuval Shany, who is active in Far Leftist groups like Betselem, has just expressed the opinion that it would be "illegal" for Israel to strike Iranian nuclear facilities.  I would like to see him call the police if Israel does!

Meanwhile, one sheep after another, Israeli "intellectuals" and "academics" churn out the same "argument" for sitting back and letting Iran get its nuclear weapons.  If I had a dime for every leftist claiming that it would actually be in Israel's own interests to have an Iran with nuclear weapons, I could retire. 

Their argument is always the same:  since the US and Russia never actually used their nuclear weapons against one another during the Cold War, this proves that the theory of "mutually assured destruction" holds.  And since this theory must be true, then the pair of Iran and Israel both having nuclear weapons must mean that neither will use them, and so peace and tranquility will prevail.  Never mind the use of weapons of mass destruction throughout the 20th century by pairs of countries who both possessed them (think of mustard gas!). 

In other words, the Left is so convinced that its "theory" is correct that it is willing to wager a second Holocaust of Jews to test it out.  Of course if they are wrong and Iran does use its nukes to incinerate the Jews, those leftists will not be around to have to apologize.

I had a very strange dream last night.  I thought I would relay it to you. 

In the dream, Yossi Beilin comes out with a new peace idea. "Suppose all the Israeli Jews simply convert to Islam," he proposes in my dream.  "In that case Iran would have no reason at all to use its nuclear weapons against the Israelis!"

"What a remarkable idea," chimed in Zehava Galon, chief of Meretz, "Now why didn't I think of that myself."   Within days the idea was endorsed not only by the central committee of Meretz, but also the entire leadership of "Peace Now" backed the idea.  That was enough to get Haaretz to run the peace program on its front page, and on every one of its other pages, including the sports pages.

Hundreds of university professors held mass street conversions to Islam, while nearly all the poets and novelists in the country joined them.   "Let us go through the motions of converting if it will prevent a nuclear war," insisted A.B. Yehoshua.  

A few dozen leftist activists who had never been circumcised offered to have the procedure done to them if this would allow a nuclear war to be averted, and Yuli Tamir suggested that circumcisions could be done on women who are new converts to Islam as well.

Leftist court judges ordered the government to adopt the plan.  A crescent replaced the menorah on the lawn in front of the Knesset. Radio and television broadcasts were ordered to be brought into line with the new national identity and agenda, although it turned out that very little actually had to be changed in them. 

Israel joined the Arab League and the Labor Party renamed itself the Levantine Moslem Brotherhood.  Newly elected Prime Minister Shimon Peres gave as his opening speech an appeal to Iran for friendship for the newest Moslem country.  "We share the religion of peace," cried Hajj al-Shimon.

And it was one year after the entire Israeli population had converted to Islam when the country was blanketed by Iranian-launched nuclear missiles.   When the reports of the attacks were brought to President Obama, who was running for his third term as president, he demanded to know how it was possible that Iran attacked Israel after all the Israelis had converted to Islam. 

Simple, explained his national security advisor Rashid Khalidi.  It did not work because those idiot Israelis converted to Sunni Islam!

It was at that point that I awoke and said Modeh Ani, the prayer said upon awakening..