Bravo, Scandinavia!
Bravo, Scandinavia!

Scandinavian activists have sent a boat to Gaza with the aim of challenging Israel’s naval blockade of Gaza. Organizers said the operation will be strictly non-violent.

"We have the same goal as the previous flotillas, to put an end to the blockade of Gaza by challenging the Israeli navy," said Torstein Dahle, the leader of the Norwegian section of the activist group "Ship to Gaza."

(Several previous flotillas have been launched in an attempt to break the blockade, which aims to prevent Hamas from importing missiles and other weapons)

Now isn’t that just so sweet, so emotional?  It makes me want to cry. Isn’t it so refreshing and uplifting to see how the sincere concern for the ‘plight’ of the poor, tormented, starved people in Gaza once again manifests itself in another flotilla designed to break the horrible stranglehold? Aren’t you just tickled pink that another ‘sincere’ attempt to once-and-for-all lift the unbearable Israeli siege / blockade in which the Gazans find themselves in, is on its way?

The flow of the Scandinavian humanitarianism which is so clearly evident, is as refreshing as a cool sea-breeze on a hot summer night. The knowledge that the suffering inhabitants of Gaza breaking under the yoke of the murderous gang called Hamas can once again visualize the rays of hope sailing towards them and bursting through the dark clouds of their physical despair is breathtaking. The human spirit, it seems, knows no bounds in its ultimate desire to help the downtrodden, to save the unfortunates and to defeat evil. How inspirational it is to see that the upright, self-sacrificing, untiring   goals of these Scandinavian activists follow each other in a dizzying display of unfathomable human decency. Bravo!

It especially tears at the heart and brings out enormous emotions when one sees these same activists (and their fellow idiots in England, France and Turkey) stretch out their hands in full support of the Syrian people being slaughtered like pigs. It is a poignant lesson in human decency to see the Scandinavian flotillas, loaded with tons of food and medicine, sailing towards the shores of Syria.

The long convoy of boats, dinghies, yachts and fishing vessels, as far as the eye can see, sailing the waters of the Mediterranean, bring desperate relief to the besieged, frightened and beaten Syrian people. Mighty is the spirit of these true peaceful activists whose only desire is to save the beleaguered people of Aleppo, Homs and Damascus. Praise their unflinching motive to stop the bloody Assad from butchering more women and children. How can anyone ever fully appreciate their sacrifice?

One can only stand on the roof top and shout, Bravo!

Syria? Is this the only relief effort that one notices? Are the non-stop flotillas to Syria the only ones that make the daily news headline? How quickly we forget! How, pray tell, can one overlook the food-laden convoys breaking Kaddafi’s siege of his own people in Tripoli and Benghazi?  Did you forget the hundreds of activists who risked their very lives just to bring food and medicine to the poor, battered people in Khadafy’s paradise? And how unforgiveable it is to so quickly forget the hundreds of boats, big and small, unloading their tons of relief on the shores of Somalia?

There are so many areas of depression, starvation and other calamities these activists have been to recently, this latest is simply another humanitarian addition to the long litany. 

By the way, have you seen the enormous, modern malls that have been built in Gaza? Have you noticed the five-star hotels that were erected in that ‘blockaded’ area? Did you see the elegant, fancy villas which Hamas leaders have built for themselves? With the tons of building material allowed in by Israel?  Have you seen the markets over flowing with every possible basic need, every type of food staple, toys, jewelry, clothing, furniture, etc., etc? You haven’t? Don’t ask these Scandinavian activists to show you some pictures, they haven’t seen any either.

You would be amazed how effective the Israeli blockade is. It simply strangles and chokes the inhabitants. You would be horrified to see the  hollow-eyed women and children who bemoan the horrible blockade which forces them to swim in the sea of abundance. It is demeaning to see how this dreadful blockade has created an abundance and glut of every product one can possibly think of, an unbelievable flood of goods which rivals any major shopping mall in Israel. All this is the result of the brutal, oppressive, demeaning, demoralizing blockade imposed by Israel which these activists are determined to break.

Yes! There are some very sincere, well-meaning people in this world and they need to be commended and encouraged to continue in these humanitarian missions.

Bravo, Scandinavians, bravo!