Viral New Video on Kaddish from Aish Hatorah
Viral New Video on Kaddish from Aish Hatorah

Mourner's Kaddish, an Aramaic prayer extolling the name of G-d, is chanted by bereaved sons every day for eleven months after a parent's death. Women, too, can recite the Kaddish

It is recited during all three daily prayers with the congregation responding to the mourner's words at specific points in the prayer.

Bereaved sons often lead the services in addition to saying the memorial prayer at the designated places in the prayerbook.

If the deceased has no children to say the prayer, someone else can recite it in his memory. There are yeshivas who will accept responsibility for having the prayer said daily in return for a contribution in the departed's memory. 

What does the prayer signify? Aish HaTorah sheds light on the reason it was chosen to honor one's parents after their passing.

We wish all our readers long life and many joyful occasions to be at the synagogue.