The Jews as Christ-Killers, Again?
The Jews as Christ-Killers, Again?

The Vatican and the traditionalist Catholics of the Society of St. Pius X are near an “imminent agreement” that could bring the group back into the Roman Catholic Church’s fold and end a quarter-century of schism. The society, which is based in Menzingen, Switzerland, has 6 seminaries, 3 universities and 70 schools around the world.

The Vatican spokesman, Federico Lombardi, said the Society had delivered an “encouraging” response to the Vatican’s demands.

Lombardi has said that if an agreement is reached to bring the traditionalists back into the fold, the most likely scenario will be for the Vatican to declare the Society a “personal prelature” — a unique Church structure currently assigned only to the conservative movement Opus Dei.

Many people remember the name of Richard Williamson. On the same day in 2009 that the Pope’s decree was signed lifting his excommunication, Bishop Williamson was shown on Swedish state television saying historical evidence “is hugely against 6 million Jews having been deliberately gassed” during World War II.

But even if Williamson is just a lunatic anti-Semite, the proto-Holocaust teachings of the Society and the agreement with the Vatican will have historical consequences on Christian relations with the Jews.

The entire Society propagates the worst kind of anti-Semitism.

Their  US branch website demonizes “the international Jewry”, “the world wide Jewish empire”, “the Jews as the biggest capitalists”, the Jews as “the founders of Communism”, the Jews as “the enemy of man”. There is also “A defence of Inquisition”.

The South African website claims that “Jews are fulfilling their substitute-Messianic drive towards world dominion”.

The Irish branch calls the Jews “guilty of Deicide” and posits that they “must be baptized”.

The German site is also very clear: “The Jews of now are for sure guilty of the murder of God, as long as they don’t recognize Christ as God and are baptized to atone for the sins of their forefathers”.

The Belgian’s Society website defines the Jewish Messiah as “the anti-Christ of the Apocalypse”.

The Italian Society’s bulletin, La Tradizione Cattolica, calls Judaism “a false cult” and spreads hallucinatory material on “the Jew Karl Marx” and “the Jews sleeping in the shadow of death”.

The Vatican-Society agreement would be a return to the Middle Ages’ pictures of Jews “torturing” or “murdering” the host...
If the Vatican, which is responsible for the faith of one billion people around the world, welcomes back the Society, it means that the Pope simply has made a strategic decision: enticing Catholic anti-Semites back to the fold is more important than the Church’s relationship with the Jewish people.

A Vatican-SSPX agreement would be perverse and dangerous. It would be a return to the Gospels’ formulation from which have stemmed all the sufferings of the Jews: Pilate washing his hands and the Jews saying, “His blood shall be upon our heads and the heads of our children”. 

The charge that Jews were responsible for the murder of the Christian saviour spawned an entrenched, bloody Christian antagonism for Jews and for Judaism which led straight to the gas chambers.

The “deicidal Jews” became the archetypal evildoers. Christian writers such as Origen, Tertullian, Augustine and John Chrysostom, among others, described the Jews as “rapacious hypocrites”, “children of hell and of the devil”, “haters of and rejected by God”.

"Deicidal” Roman Catholic resistance to the idea of a Jewish home in the Middle East can also be traced to the Church’s notion of Judaism as “a pariah faith”. That the Jews had lost their place as “the chosen”, in the eyes of God, and had been supplanted by the Church was prophesied,  according to this Christian doctrine, and shown by the fall of Israel’s Kingdom to the Romans.

The destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem, and the dispersal of the Jewish commonwealth, appeared to confirm this Christian triumphalism over Judaism. Tertullian considered the Roman victory over the Jews as evidence of “God’s abandonment of the Jews” and their punishment in this life and the next.

The Christian identification of the Jews with Cain repudiated the notion of a permanent Jewish home in the Biblical land and it also proclaimed, against the concept of Jews as the Divinely chosen, their suffering as a pariah group, condemned to “eternal wandering” for their “mortal sin against Christ”.

This is the Society’s replacement doctrine and the subliminal ideology embraced by many Catholics around the world.

After the Holocaust, the Church took some steps to demolish this genocidal theology. The Vatican-Society agreement would be a return to the Middle Ages’ pictures of Jews “torturing” or “murdering” the host, or the legend of a group of Jews who converted to Christianity after a vision of Christ appeared to them while they were desecrating a host. 

That is why if the agreement between the Vatican and the Society is signed, the rabbis should suspend talks with the Church, Jewish organizations should protest in front of the Society’s seminaries in the US and Europe, Israel’s ambassador to the Vatican should be recalled to Jerusalem and Israeli officials should declare the Society’s bishops “persona non grata” in the Jewish State.

The stereotyopes of the Jews with demonic noses, bestial beards and funny-looking funnel hats should have been buried in Auschwitz. Anti-Jewish theology, which rings a genocidal note, must not come to life again.