J'Accuse: Lt. Colonel Eisner and Alfred Dreyfus
J'Accuse: Lt. Colonel Eisner and Alfred Dreyfus

The headline article screamed out at me and made my blood boil:

“Following consultations between GOC Central Command, Major General Nitzan Alon, and the Chief of the Ground Forces Command, Major General Sami Turgeman, it has been determined by the Chief of the General Staff, Lieutenant General Benjamin (Benny) Gantz, to dismiss Lieutenant Colonel Shalom Eisner from his post as Deputy Division Commander on moral grounds, while dealing with the incident.

"Lt. Gen. Gantz concluded in the investigation of the incident that there were professional and command failures as well. Lt. Col. Eisner was dismissed from his position and will not serve as the Deputy Commander of the IDF Officer School, and will not be eligible to serve in commanding positions in the next two years.”

It just so happened that I was researching something else only a day earlier: The trial of Captain Alfred Dreyfus by the French military.

Not many people, even many Israelis, realize the trial of a Jewish military officer in the 19th century was what led to the creation of the Jewish state of Israel. Theodore Herzl, the father of Zionism, witnessed the trials of Dreyfus where a military command bent on saving face and honor sent an innocent career officer to Devil’s Island for allegedly giving military secrets to Germany.

It was those trials, publicized by French author Emile Zola in his "J'Accuse", that convinced Herzl of the need for a Jewish homeland. The military knew another officer had passed the information to Germany, but it preferred the lone Jewish staff officer be cashiered and sent to Devil’s Island for it.

The first trial was held in secret, but Dreyfus was publicly pilloried, having his rank stripped and his sword broken. During his dressing down, he screamed out his innocence.

Later, when the real culprit told the truth for money, Dreyfus was brought back to France and given a new trial by the army. He was again found guilty, incredibly, but was released from jail and eventually reinstated to the military where he later served in the First World War.

At Zola’s funeral in 1908, Dreyfus was shot and wounded by an assassin, a military affairs journalist who said he shot Dreyfus because of his links to Zola who had criticized the military and because Dreyfus had been found guilty in two court martials. The shooter was preserving “honor” for the military and was, incredibly again, acquitted.

Do you have a son or daughter in the IDF?  Well, ask yourself if the brass is really concerned about their welfare after what they’ve done to Lt. Colonel Eisner.

The same army brass and defense leadership in Israel who seem to have effectively ended Colonel Eisner’s career after an ISM staged event are the geniuses who armed the Shayetet 13 with paintball guns against the Mavi Marmara flotilla. They effectively sent unarmed Israeli soldiers against an ISM organized event that invited in armed terrorists from Turkey.  One of those Navy Seals was literally disemboweled and thrown into the sea.

One of those killed that day was an ISM activist from New York who attacked and tried to harm the Israeli soldiers.

Ask yourself this: Did anyone from Ehud Barak as Defense Minister to the IDF brass who armed them with paintball guns take responsibility for what happened and resign?

Ehud Barak in fact can be blamed for the entire mess. A man named Scott Kennedy back in 1988, recently deceased due to natural causes and a part of the ISM in California, planned a first flotilla boat back in 1988. That one was scuttled by the Mossad. When the first new flotilla boat was organized a couple of years back, the Israeli government had news of it a year in advance and the plans were to board it, arrest those on board and nip things in the bud.

I know this because I was the one who tipped the government off to the ISM’s plans. Nevertheless, at 2 am in the morning, Ehud Barak personally told the Israeli Navy to stand down and let that first small cabin cruiser through to Gaza, because he feared stopping them would give the Palestinians a publicity moment.

That can of worms turned into eight more flotilla boats, each successively larger culminating in the Mavi Marmara incident. After all, if you make a mistake once, why not repeat it eight times?

After the government let each successive boat through, the ISM was able to raise more money for bigger boats and to attract terrorism funders for the next one. Finally when the military was allowed to react, they were armed with paintball guns!!!

Guess who is still in charge of Israel’s security and the military after all that and still making decisions about the rank and file soldier, let alone ending the career of an officer who was a hero in the 2006 Lebanon War against the Hizbullah.

The ISM supports Hamas, the PFLP, Al Aksa, Islamic Jihad and sees as its purpose to help them destroy Israel.
Then we have our politicians who released terrorists with blood on their hands, who murdered our soldiers, as the Hamas didn’t lose a beat and said they would kidnap still more Gilad Shalits. 

The ISM supports Hamas, the PFLP, Al Aksa, Islamic Jihad and sees as its purpose to help them destroy Israel. That bicycle gang that confronted Colonel Eisner and broke his fingers earlier that day was part of a bicycle “tour” created by an ISM co-founder in Pasadena, California and his relatives to tour the PA and help interfere with the IDF’s anti-terror operations for “peace.”

This isn’t the first time the ISM pulled this with manipulated videos. Two soldiers serving in the West Bank served three weeks in the brig because some ISM pervert filmed them from behind after they pulled their pants down to urinate in an open field in the countryside. The ISM released the video claiming the soldiers mooned them  The soldiers, upon realizing they’d been filmed, gave a “peace” salute instead of smacking the ISM cameraman like they should have. That netted them three weeks in jail to satisfy the brass.

What Colonel Eisner did was no worse than what any police officer in America, the EU or even in Israel would do in a crowd and riot control situation where anarchists refused to move. He fell into their trap, plain and simple, and became an ISM propaganda tool in a manipulated video.

The ISM routinely brings cameras to planned violent anarchist events in the hope of generating footage against the IDF. 

PM Netanyahu exclaims to the world that Eisner’s striking the anarchist to move is not reflective of what Israel is. Apparently he feels that IDF soldiers having broken fingers and getting disemboweled via ISM activities and demonstrations is perfectly acceptable in preserving Israel’s “image” abroad.

To the contrary, it will guarantee that ISM anarchists from abroad will now provoke our soldiers more than ever before and abuse them physically with cameras poised to create doctored films.

We can be sure ISM orientation and training sessions will mention with glee how they ended a career officer’s position in the IDF by setting up anarchist actions with foreigners in the land of Israel.

IDF brass and Israeli political leadership can rest assured they have "preserved the honor” of the country and the IDF.

Dreyfus is not alone.