Israel: A Priceless Strategic Military Asset for the US
Israel: A Priceless Strategic Military Asset for the US

After Hitler invaded Poland in 1939, in America, there were Hitler enablers like the American hero Charles Lindbergh who publicly championed-- the Big Lie-- that England was a strategic liability to the US, was the cause of world war, and, that England needed to be dumped. 

Today, there is a new crop of neo-fascist enablers by the names of Walt and Mearsheimer.  These Neo-Lindberghs espouse an analogous -Big Lie- that Israel is a strategic liability to the US, the cause of Middle East wars, and, that Israel needs to be dumped, and there are also neo-isolationists like Ron Paul who says “the US would be better off without Israel.”

I will now graphically show you in 3 simple steps that these “Professors” and these neo-Ostriches are, in fact, Neo-Lindberghs.

Step One, if you would look at the 8½ x11 colored “Katyusha Rocket” graphic of Israel,, in any “West Bank” Palestinian “Demilitarized” state, Hamas will smuggle in thousands of chemical-warheaded Katyushas into the “Demilitarized” West Bank which they will launch, en masse, into the Tel Aviv.  Imagine, if to placate Muslim “anger,” some US president ceded Brooklyn to al Qaeda, and al Qaeda-Brooklyn had thousands of chemical Katyushas aimed at Manhattan. Manhattan would be toast.  And if there is ever a Palestinian State, Hamas with thousands of chemical katyushas backed by Iranian long-range missiles will toast the Tel Aviv coastal corridor holding 5 million Jews.

Step Two, if you would turn to the large “Eastern Theater” colored graphic,, after Israel’s destruction, without Israel protecting him, the Hashemite-King Abdullah of Jordan is also toast.  You’ve then got an Egypt with 80 million hungry people, the strongest army in the Middle East, and military control of the Suez Canal now having a direct contiguous land border with the oil-rich Saudi Arabia.  Saudi Arabia is also happens to be a historical rival of Egypt.  Is this “stability” for USCENTCOM? Is this lower gas prices in Salina, Kansas?  But no, we’re not done yet. 

Step Three, if you would turn over the “Western Theater” colored graphic,, I’ve done the same analysis for the Eastern Med.  Christian Greek Cyprus has a total population of 800,000 people, and there is about a quarter trillion dollars worth, or more, of gas between Cyprus and Israel.  If Israel were to be destroyed, surrounded by 150 Million Muslims, and a Turkish standing army of 400,000 soldiers coveting the whole of Cyprus, how long will Greek Cyprus last?   In September 2011, Turkish PM Erdogan stated: Turkey and Egypt would “form a force of 150 million strong” and “We are substantially surrounding a Mediterranean.” And, “I recommend the international community take the necessary lessons from the Preveza victory.”  

The “Preveza victory” to which Erdogan is referring is the Turkish decisive naval victory over a pan-Christian “Holy League” Papal alliance in September 1538.  

Without Israel as the bulwark against the waxing Islamic tsunami to the East, there will be a direct Islamic military threat to the very doorstep of Europe.  Without Israel, how many trillions--trillions--of dollars will the US have to spend to defend Greece, and NATO from such “clear and present” danger to Western civilization?  Or, as the Visa commercial would say of Israel’s present-day strategic value to the US: Priceless.

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