Throwing Peace Under Abbas
Throwing Peace Under Abbas

This is really all ridiculous. We are playing a game here, are we not?

The Palestinian Authority. "Peace talks." Blah blah blah, as simultaneously, PA head Mahmoud Abbas uses his Arabic television and radio stations to whip up hatred and encourage his minions to kill and maim Jews of all ages and both sexes.

Two teenaged youths hear this incitement and enter a home in a Jewish community. They use knives to slaughter two parents, two children and a baby in their sleep. They do not express remorse, only regret that they didn't kill all the family's children.

Who killed the Fogels? It was you, Mr. Abbas.

Nu, as we say here in Israel. Nu – enough of this game. You don’t want a state. You want us dead.

Our Talmudic sages tell us clearly and simply what to do in a case where someone approaches us and wants us dead. "Kill him first," they say, in plain Hebrew. And so does common sense, by the way.

Arabs, Iranians, and all other kinds of Muslims who come out and say they want us dead, should expect nothing else in return. From the sky, from the sea, by land – when you least expect it. You should know that the IDF is going to get you.

It may take a year or a decade or two decades. But what you wish upon us will be visited upon you a hundredfold. Because that is who we are. We are not losers. We are winners.

We came back to our ancestral homeland after centuries upon centuries of wandering and unspeakable strife. We came back, against all odds, after the nations of the world saw us as no more than dead men walking, a remnant doomed to eternal perambulation. They even named a plant for us wandering Jews.

We came back, not in order to be bled to death by rabble. And rabble you are, whether you number in the millions or the tens of millions or the hundreds of millions. Nothing but rabble. Nothing positive has come from your culture to bless the world in hundreds of years. No invention, no morality, no literature, hardly any form of art worth speaking of.

You are good for one thing: blood and hate speech and fear-mongering. You have gone as low as any fighting nation can go, and then took it lower. You fire at babies and then cower under hospitals. You incinerate thousands inside flaming buildings and hoot for joy. You use video cameras designed by Jews to tape yourselves beheading Jews.

You have a word in Arabic – aib. It means shame. Aib upon you, Muslims the world over. Do not think we fear you. We are back and if this neighborhood isn’t big enough for the two of us, you're the ones who will have to go.