The Case of the Missing Nakbas
The Case of the Missing Nakbas

It's that time of the year again...May 15th.

Arabs and their stooges get to prance around and curse the Jews over the "catastrophe" (nakba)--Israel's rebirth. A resurrection which occurred on about 12% of the original April 25,1920 Mandate of Palestine after what is now Jordan made off with the lions' share (about 80%) upon its own creation in 1922...a gift of British imperialist shanigans.

In 1947, Arabs were offered about half of the 20% that was left but refused that second partition. In their eyes, almost 90% of Palestine was not enough. 

The name "Palestine" was bestowed upon Judea by the Roman emperor, Hadrian, after the Jews' second revolt for freedom in an attempt to squash their hopes forever. To pour salt on the wounds, Rome renamed land for the Jews' historic, non-Semitic enemies, the Philistines--the invading "Sea People" of ancient Egyptian records, David and Goliath,  and Samson and Delilah fame. They came from the islands of the Aegean Sea.

Like elsewhere in a region which Arabs simply call "purely Arab patrimony," Jews were entitled to nothing in this Arab vision.

So, upon Israel's UN mandated declaration of independence on May 14, 1948 on a small fraction of the original territory, a half dozen Arab armies immediately invaded.

At great cost, the Jews finally turned the tide. In the aftermath, two refugee populations were created as a result of the Arab attack. Arabs constantly remind everyone about their own--many of whom got deliberately caged by their brothers in refugee camps to be used as perpetual pawns in the Arabs' anti-Israel games.

Not much is spoken, however, about at least as many Jews (owning far more property and leaving behind far more wealth) who fled the "Arab"/Muslim world.

 While, once bullets start to fly and comrades start to die, there is no such thing as perfect saints or sinners in any war, volumes of solid evidence show that the Arabs themselves were mostly responsible for the flight of their refugees.

Add to this the fact that so many so-called Arab "natives" were newcomers themselves into the Mandate that the United Nations Relief Works Agency (UNRWA) had to redefine the very word "refugee" from its prior meaning of persons normally and traditionally resident to those who had lived in the Mandate for a minimum of only two years prior to 1948.

Please ponder the implications of this and also consider that no such agency was created to assist Jewish or any other refugees. 

So, sorry...I'm not shedding tears for Arabs on May 15th. I feel for their suffering--especially the children--but that suffering can be laid mostly at the doorstep of their own leaders and their own collective subjugating mindset which will not allow anyone else but themselves a semblance of justice in the region. 

I refuse to sob because Arabs tried to slaughter all of Israel's Jews in 1948 and destroy their sole, miniscule nation and their attempt backfired on themselves. 

Afterwards, time after time, reasonable compromises were offered to them as well. To this date--and despite those in high places who whitewash their rejectionism--those offers have all been rejected. Nothing short of the Jews agreeing to their own suicide will suffice. What compromises have Arabs ever offered anyone else in "their" region?

What I really want to know, however, is this...

When will some twelve million native Egyptian Copts--the pre-Arab, non-Arab people of Egypt whose men frequently get murdered, women raped, churches torched, live in a constant state of intimidation, and so forth--get to have their Nakba Day? 

When will Copts be able to cry out to the world and demonstrate--without placing their own lives in further jeopardy--about the horror which befell them after the Arab conquest of their land--at the same time Arab caliphal imperial armies were conquering and settling the Jews' and others' lands as well?

When will over thirty million native, pre-Arab, non-Arab Kabyle, Amazigh, and other native, North African people--the "Berbers"--get to have their Nakba Day? These folks have had their own native cultures and languages outlawed--part of the forced Arabization to which all of the region's peoples have been subjected.

No tears for the Arab's self-inflicted nakba..and why shouldn't  the story of another 35 million stateless people--the Kurds--gets to have its own special day instead? 

As I like to remind readers, the one best chance Kurds had at independence was aborted after World War I as a result of the same collusion of British imperialism and Arab nationalism which handed over some 80% of Palestine to the latter in 1922. Purely Arab Iraq arose in the Mandate of Mesopotamia instead, and hundreds of thousands of Kurds have been slaughtered in "Arab" lands and elsewhere ever since.

Who cries out for the Kurds' nakba? Who will demand a roadmap for Kurdistan while the Arabs' 22nd state--and second one in Palestine--gets shoved down Israel's throat?

After a half century, it appears that the blacks of southern Sudan will finally gain independence this July from the Arab north. It took millions of their murdered, enslaved, displaced, maimed, and subjugated brethren to finally make this moment possible. Yet the blacks in the Darfur region of the country--Muslim, but non-Arab nor Arabized enough in Arab eyes--have no such end to their nightmare in sight. 

Where are the universal cries for black Africans--and not only in the Sudan--who are still suffering at the hands of Arab tormentors?

And what of Lebanon? What is that bloody story really also largely all about? Did Arabs conquer an empty land there too?

No...too many others--scores of millions--have been and continue to be victimized by Arabs for Jews to be taken to task instead for wanting to finally end their millennial scapegoat, whipping post, and victim par exellence existence in their historic land. That's what the rebirth of Israel truly represents.

What Arabs claim as their catastrophe occurred primarily because of their own conquering, subjugating mindset which allows none but themselves any semblance of justice in a region where many different peoples--not just Arabs--live. 

Arabs have tried very hard to erase those other identities in their continuous forced Arabization process.
But that just dries up my tear ducts even further.