Manual:How to Get to Know the PA
Manual:How to Get to Know the PA

Media, organizations and others could cover the Palestinian Authority accurately firsthand, using this simple day to day method, and visiting...

Day one: A Palestinian Authority school room. 

Day two: An UNRWA "right of return" youth club in any UNRWA Palestinian refugee camp. 

Day three: A Palestinian Liberation army  base 

Day four: The PA Radio Arabic Broadcast Network, but listen to their broadcasts in Arabic 

Day Five:  The PBC TV studio,and watch their telecasts in Arabic 

Day Six: A PA ceremony in honor of Palestinians who have murdered Jews. Take your pick.

Day seven: The PA Ministry of Justice office which has prepared the proposed PA state constitution which has prepared  a Palestinian State with Sharia Law, with no juridical status for any visit religion other than Islam.

Day eight: Christian clerics persecuted by the PA.

Day nine:  Families of Palestinian  dissidents who have been sentenced to death. 

Day ten: Families of Palestinians honored by the PA because they have murdered Jews. Take your pick.

IF JTA, for example, covered these subjects,  its first hand perspective of PA would be newsworthy