Delegitimization Goes Global
Delegitimization Goes Global

Never before in the history of the world has one nation been the target of a global delegitimization campaign such as is ongoing against the tiny nation of Israel.  The torrent of invective, misrepresentation and egregious falsehoods directed against Israel’s Jewish inhabitants and national and international policies knows no comparison, except perhaps existed in the narrow confines of 20th century Nazi Germany.

The effectiveness of today’s shock and awe campaign is due primarily to two reasons. First, today’s communication technology has many venues which together create an inescapable, ubiquitous global presence. Nowhere and almost no one on Planet Earth is not bombarded messages multiple times a day by its message.

Secondly, global media is led by a consolidated handful of super-conglomerates which together comprise the majority of global media infrastructure and reporting. In regards to coverage of Israel, they are acting in concert, on message and within a coordinated oligarchic framework.

The supers control the transponders, satellites, radio, television and cable news channels, broadcast sets, printing presses, microphones, cameras, reporters, commentators, editors, laptops and shiny blue pens. They own it all, from inception to publication to commentary.

The conglomerates control the battle-space upon which perceptions, ideas and attitudes strive for supremacy. In this world words are weapons and perception is reality. They are therefore able to receive, reform and dictate their message to the masses.  The power of influence, of shaping perceptions and of molding attitudes these companies wield is difficult to overstate.

Upon this world stage, global perceptions are molded and attitudes formed. By repetition and consistency of message, these conglomerates determine in large degree attitudes of the global population regarding Israel.

The conglomerates are overwhelmingly inimical to Israel. They define the actors and given them their roles in the storyline. Israel and her pro-Zionist inhabitants are the villains while the Palestinians are the under trodden, heroic underdogs fighting against cruel Jewish usurpers. 

The terms used in characterizing the actors and scene are crafted with intent: terrorists are “insurgents”, Judean Jews are “settlers”, Judea and Samaria is the “West Bank”, Jewish Judean and Samarian cities are “settlements”, other areas the terrorists claim are “occupied territories”, Fatah and its Palestinian Authority offshoot are “moderates”.

So effective has their campaign been that the majority of Israeli publications have adopted their blatant bias-laced terminology when reporting.

Israel doesn’t stand a chance when matched with these emperors of the airwaves. All coverage pertaining to Israel must necessarily rely upon the conglomerate’s infrastructure. Thus, any message or event must flow through the conglomerate’s infrastructure and is effortlessly shaped according to their agenda. The descriptions of events, once ingested, reformed and presented to the masses seldom matches reality.

Innumerable examples exist: the IHH-organized Gaza “humanitarian” flotilla coverage, Israel “starving” Gaza residents, the Gaza war coverage, the smear campaign against Foreign Minister Lieberman, the vilification of Israeli “settlers”,  the misrepresentation

No public relations firm on earth is able to aid Israel’s daily thumping in global coverage.
of the Palestinian Authority as “ partners for peace.” In fact, the entire “peace process” is predicated on lies, distortions and half-truths.

Given Israel’s treatment by the global media establishment, it is inane to suggest the media is controlled by “The Jews”. If the world’s media was actually controlled through a Jewish cabal, the nature of news coverage surrounding the nation of the Jews would be overwhelmingly positive. Israel would be portrayed as the world’s champion, not as the world’s abscess.

And that many of these companies are led by persons of Jewish descent does not counterweigh the Israel-targeting coverage. It only reveals these Jews are themselves hostile to Israel and her Jewish residents. History, like the present, is replete with Jew-hating Jews.

No public relations firm on earth is able to aid Israel’s daily thumping in global coverage. Israel is in an unwinnable situation: no matter what it does, at best it will be measured insufficient, and normally will be roundly condemned.

The overwhelming reality is the global media giants suffer from an ancient affliction: irrational, deeply-felt Jew-hate. The coverage of stories concerning Israel is proof enough: characterized by lies, distortions, latent hostility, aggression, accusation and condemnation.

Many Israelis are aware of the on-going anti-Semitic smear campaign. Centuries of pogroms have conditioned Jews to recognize the onset of an oncoming wave of persecution.  Jews know they are under siege, though most are not able to identify and describe its source given the many venues of its attack and singularity of its message. The bloody historical record and ramifications of previous propaganda campaigns may be too terrible for some to face.

The goals of the blitz are three-fold.  First, the demoralization of pro-Zionist Jews and their leadership. Second, the bolstering and support of anti-Zionist forces wherever they reside. Third, the shaping and hardening of global attitudes into concrete actions against the Jewish state.

The short-term- and almost completed- strategy is to weaken Israel’s ability to resist the international community. This is done through a continuous, long-term bombardment across a range of media venues utilizing the weapons of condemnation, shame, guilt and accusation until Israel becomes so demoralized their will to resist is severely impaired. These characteristics were clearly exhibited during the self-hate and passivity of the Holocaust’s victims and with increasing depth and frequency of Jews today. 

The concord of numerous news, analysis and commentary in a multitude of venues across the globe declaring the Jew’s perfidy has many Jewish Israelis second guessing their actions, rights, motives and intentions.  If the global community- as represented through the global media- is in agreement that Israel is the offending party, then Israel must be in the wrong. How could the whole world be seeing one thing but Israel another?

Concurrently, Israel’s enemies are strengthened and validated by the continual onslaught of invective against the Jews while receiving the recurrent support of the international community.

Global media deliberately misrepresents the words and actions of Israel’s Islamic enemies. It grossly ignores numerous violations of previous accords and refuses to report the Palestinian leadership’s own words regarding their desire for the annihilation of Israel and destruction of its Jewish inhabitants.

Thus, the theatre of the absurd, blissfully detached from reality and existing solely in media-land, continues unabated. But perceptions are reality in the fantasy of Middle East peace. The desire of Islamic nations to live in harmony with the Jewish state exists nowhere but media-land. 

The world is being agitated to Jew-hate, to take vengeance against this tiny nation of six million struggling to survive in the land to which it was returned after two millennia of wandering and perennial persecution.

The situation is as grim as could be. The world has given Iran and its Islamic neighbors the time and tools to develop a weapon that could annihilate Israel in a single strike. It is agitating to once again vent irrational hatred against the Jewish people, to right the wrong of Israel’s rebirth. Many places are witnessing a crescendo of classic Jew hate: Europe, Africa, Central and South America, the Islamic Near East.

At a time when Jews around the world are increasing brutalized, the global community is attempting to destroy the last hope of Jewish sanctuary.

But Israel does not exist because of Jews’ ability to survive, or endure, or be resourceful. It is not the IDF- as glorious of a body as it is- who preserves Israel at the end of the day.  Neither Abraham or Sarah could physiologically have a child, Israel was backed against a sea by the most powerful nation on earth, Israel was destroyed and dispersed on two occasions, Israel was reborn amidst a sea of implacable Islamic hordes.  Yet Israel lives.

It is Ha-Shem who preserves and keeps Israel.  It is He against whom the nations of the world rage, against whom they desire to overthrow, to impose their will. Israel is Almighty G-d’s manifestation of his providence over the affairs of this world, and the world cannot tolerate Him.

The world’s hatred of Israel is the world’s hatred of G-d.

His promises towards Israel, His character and His love alone are the reasons for Israel’s hope and the surety of her succession:  “Fear not, for I am with you. I alone will be exalted in the heavens, and I will be exalted on the earth.”