Could War Cause Disengagement?
Could War Cause Disengagement?

A war with Iran looms. Powers that be are preparing us for an ordeal that could involve the deaths of thousands of civilians in a matter of weeks: something that Israel has never experienced (and Israel has experienced quite a lot).

Is there, perchance, a glimmer of hope in that dark scenario?

Even if the US intervenes on Israel's side, Israel will be hard hit. A hail of missiles will slam into Tel Aviv this time, it is said. The blow to morale could be devastating. The Arab ghoul-militias in Gaza, Judea and Samaria, and their offshoots in smaller Israel, will join forces to try and put paid to The Jewish Problem, once and for all. Much blood, gore, fear and loathing are on the menu. The mind turns to the worst horrors experienced by the Jews over the generations as approximations of what may be ahead.

But is there, perchance, a glimmer of hope in that dark scenario? Could this be one of those historic moments in which victory is seized, unexpected and unplanned, from the jaws of defeat?

There is much talk on the Muslim side of erasing Israel from the map – as there has been for many generations. Their thoughts unfettered by the shackles of “political correctness,” Muslim inciters have no problem imagining and depicting a scenario in which Jewish blood runs in rivers through the streets and valleys of the Holy Land. Some of the Muslim speakers suggest that he Jews “return” to Europe or live as dhimmis under Islam, but we all know what they are really thinking: Kill, kill, kill. Murder, rape, and murder some more. Violate, dismember and burn every last one of the Jews – male and female, elderly and unborn – and this time, finish what Hitler and the Mufti started.

But the unleashing of the full force of Muslim barbarity on Israel could have unforeseen consequences. Let's assume the Muslims kill many Jews in a combined missile and terror militia attack, but fail to break the Jewish state. The IDF is able to drive back the marauders on the ground, and eventually, the hail of missiles slows down as well. Large swaths of Lebanon and Gaza are smoldering ruins.

Might not the fog of war serve as a backdrop for a Jewish counterattack inside the Land of Israel? Could not the rage unleashed by a Muslim attack on Jewish population centers make Muslim population centers less safe as well? Might not a Disengagement from Israel's Arabs result – not because anyone planned it, but because push came to shove the Jews could hold back no longer?

The precedent is there, and it was sanitized and kosherized by the Israeli High Court: in 2005, the IDF forcibly removed thousands of civilians from their homes, which it then proceeded to bulldoze. They called it “Disengagement.” If a Disengagement from Jews is possible and legal, in order to test a leftist “peace” theory – certainly a Disengagement from Arabs is also possible and legal, under extreme duress.

Most Jews do not dare imagine such a scenario, let alone discuss it out loud. But could not precisely such a chain of events occur, in an unintended and spontaneous fashion, if the Muslims try yet again to finish us off – and fail? There is, after all, no animal more dangerous than a wounded one. A hail of missiles on Tel Aviv, Haifa and Jerusalem could lead to a temporary breakdown of law and order. A semi-chaotic state may result and animal survival instincts will kick in. Might not the same army that was trained to kick out Jews from their homes in 2005 – “with sensitivity and determination” was their slogan – find itself doing the same to Arabs, with just as much determination?

Perhaps the Muslims would be well-advised to consider this potential source of plight. Or maybe it is better not to warn them of it. It seems probable that they are aware of it, but are desperate enough in their hatred of us to risk it. We, in any case, have no choice but to keep our powder dry and let history run its course. It always does.